VonZipper Stache Sunglasses

The Von Zipper Stache Sunglasses—moustache and mullet not included.

The Von Zipper Stache Sunglasses demand that you grow out a burly, 80s-style moustache and wear some plum smugglers. These retro sunglasses sport a blu-blocker style that'll look smashing with your one-piece ski suit. Von Zipper made these old school aviators with their lightweight and durable nylon grilamid frames so they'll be around well after you shave off your stache. Distortion-free polycarbonate lenses give you crystal clear vision while you're trimming your moustache or shaving lightning bolts into your mullet.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    my favorite sun glasses iv own i ware them every day!

    My favorite ever.... just broke </3

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I love these sunglasses. My husband bought them for me for Christmas. However, the pins were getting loose and before I could find a screwdriver small enough to use on them the arm fell off and is now missing. What can I do?!?


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Love this sunglass by Vonzip. The style is sleek and nice. You won't be disappointed!

    This is my second pair, great sunglasses

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Although when I ordered I though I ordered the darker lens, the brown. Bit was sent a lighter lens.

    VonZipper Stache: A Retro to the Future

    VonZipper Stache Sunglass

    Funski Shades

    Funski Shades


    This pic was featured in the Backcountry.com EXPLORE article below:


    shades that look good on anyone

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

    I find that this style of sunglasses works pretty much on anyone- guy or girl. I have a small face and they work well, but they also work great on my guy friends as well. They're a classic sort of fit, and I've bought several pairs throughout the years. Just to note, some of the lens are pretty light and don't work very well on sunny days- like the brown gradient. The grey lens is fairly dark. They're not the most durable of shades- the pins in the arms come loose/fall out pretty easily with wear- and to note I take care of my shades and keep them in a hard case, which do not come with the glasses BTW. But, I think their quality is on par with all the other brands in this category so I'm not going to knock them for it.

    They definitely look awesome, but I was...

    They definitely look awesome, but I was wondering how well people can see your eyes through them?

    The lens is darker than it appears in the photo, but it is a gradient lens. Not solid grey. You can still creep on people from a distance.

    Do you ship to Australia?

    Do you ship to Australia?

    Hey Kristy,

    We do indeed. Please visit the link below to see which brands we cannot ship out of the country.



      These VZs are super-badass. Great style and attention to detail. Von Zipper does it again!

      Lovin IT!

        These sunglasses are great!! I have them in white and i get compliments on them all the time.

        I have a thing for Staches...

          I have these in 4 different colorways. Light weight and badass style. I feel like a renegade when I wear them. I'm pretty little and they are not too big on my face.

          Sick Sunnies

            Absolutely the best sunnies i've owned, best fitting and killer looking... All my mates tried to steal em and I am kicking myself that I lost mine (I reckon they were stolen coz they so sick) and am defs buying another pair in the rasta colour coz they are the bees kneez fa sure

            kick ass

              i love these glasses.
              have them in two shades.
              light and have awesome side visibility.
              no blindspots.

              Probably the Sickest I've Ever HAd

                These sunglasses are my third pair of Von Zippers and by the far the steeziest out there. I highly recommend anyone contemplating the purchase to do so. They are an excellent fit for a medium to large size face and look sick with anything from professional to shred gear

                I have a really small face and would love...

                I have a really small face and would love to try them on first before buying them but can't find this style anywhere other than online. So I'm wondering even if my face is small could these still work or do they run kind of big?

                Lauren these shades are medium sized. Not too big, but they aren't too small either. The trend right now is that BIG shades are in, so if you have a smaller face you should be fine with these frames. Hope this helps.

                They aren't too big, all my mates have tried em on and reckon they are the best... they seem to fit any face and look sweet

                I have a small face too.. Although they are ok size wise they are way too wide. Hair has to be down in beach waves to even kinda pull them off.. I bought them. Cute glasses but kinda pissed that I can't wear them with a pony...

                stache's always look sweet

                  These are my go-to sunglasses. They have a nice throwback look, something like an awesome airline pilot or tennis player would wear back in the day. They definitely speak style and get the job done with blocking those pesky bright sun rays. The arms can get a bit loose after a while, but pick up a jewelers screwdriver set and you can tighten em right up if you have that problem. I'd get every color if I had enough cash to throw around.

                  A stache you will never want to get rid of

                    these glasses are awesome, Von Zipper always makes quality shades and every time i wear them i have people asking me to let them try them on......Plus the dogfunk customer service is great...

                    bomb glasses

                      i got a pair of these a while back, i wear them around all the time, get lots of complements, the girls love them, and they are really comfy. The only thing i ever had an issue with was one of the legs got unscrewed but i easily fixed it. Great shades for sure.

                      I'm not sure which I'm happier with...

                        The sunglasses are amazing, I have two pairs of Von Zippers and they don't disappoint whatsoever. Even better was the customer service at Dog Funk, I called in my order to get them shipped out that day, even though I was getting a little close to the deadline for them to be shipped the employee ensured me they would be shipped out that day. Later that week before my trip I got my new pair of sunglasses. The employee was down to earth and helped me through the whole process. Dog Funk is Grade A