Volkl V-Werks BMT 109 Vacuum Climbing Skins

Kiss glue goodbye.

If you want to spend one last moment with your old skins, now's your chance, because Volkl's new V-Werks BMT 109 Vacuum Climbing Skins are about to make them obsolete. All those good times you two had together--picking sticks and pine needles out of the glue, wrestling to get them unstuck from each other, and maybe even re-glueing--are in the past, because the V-Werks uses Vacuum glueless technology. It sticks just as well as glue, but won't gather dirt, stick to itself, or lose grip, and you don't need to worry about skin savers or toxic chemicals. The gliding surface is a durable and quick blend of nylon and mohair with a snow-shedding fluorocarbon treatment, and the Vacuum also uses a waterproof and stretch-free midlayer to prevent waterlogging and deformation.

  • Mohair and nylon blend
  • Glueless Vacuum technology
  • Skin Pin tip attachment
  • Tail clip and strap
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Great for sidecountry and single ups...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Super easy to use and maintain. Good glide and decent grip. Cold, dry, powdery snow, however, will infiltrate skin/ski interface and wet the sticky side of the skin. Bring a towel. Once wet they no longer stick, making them less well-suited for multiple laps in cold/snowy weather. Nice thing is "restoring" them is easy once home...

Skin Simply

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I've been out a handful of times on these skins and have so far been pretty pleased. Easy on and off while being able to store them glue to glue with no issues. Cleaning just requires a little water (or snow) and a wipe with a dry cloth. Traction and glide are comparable to other Nylon/Mohair mixed skins.

I did have some issues with them sticking in really cold conditions. Anything below 10* and the start getting a little less tacky. This has yet to lead to a failure but something worth noting. The majority of the time the glue performed fantastically.

The tip attachment is great, stupid simple. I did find that the tail attachment occasionally needs some adjustment and would like to see them upgrade that to something like BD or G3 has. This could just be due to the new skins stretching a bit.

The pros of having an easy to use no mess glue outweigh the cons. Unless you're an outlier that needs a skin that's either an ultralight or sub zero performer this is a great choice.

Not sure I can go back

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These are ridiculously easy to pull apart when stored glue to glue. You can also roll them up from tip to tip to store them. They have no issue sticking to my bases and have plenty of grip and glide when climbing. The name vacuum is slightly misleading as there is still some type of glue on them but I cannot see myself going back to traditional skins unless I am not able to get my hands on vacuum skins. If you do get the skins dirty, just run them under water and hang them to dry. Volkl says you can use soap & water but I did not find soap necessary. I am extremely pleased with these skins.

Not sure I can go back

I have read some reviews about second laps and these skins not sticking? Has this been a problem for you?

My roommate and I both have these skis/skins and have never had that issue or any troubles with anything other than us kicking the tail clips off of the ski. The instructions mention that you should make sure your bases are dry. The skin bag they include also has a microfiber/fleece side so that you can ensure your bases are dry before putting your skins on.

How many days do you have on these skins?
Still performing strong?

Brent -
I would say I have about 20-30 full days on these. Have not had any issues to speak of and am still loving them. I have stored them glue to glue and cannot speak for longevity when rolled up and stored glue to fur.