Voile X7 Ski

A lightweight plank with the heart of a fatty.

Every ski Voile makes is light, but some are lighter than others—weird, right? The X7 Ski is essentially an X9 that's cut out the pizza and ice cream, so its waist is a little narrower, its weight is a little lower, and its edges are little bit more accessible, making it a killer choice for everyday touring in deep snowpack areas or a great soft-snow ski in spots that tend to be a little drier.

It'd be a stretch to say the X7 is new school, but it does have the rocker-camber-rocker profile that's so popular in do-it-all skis these days. Voile calls it Hybrid Rocker, and it has enough rise in the tip to float through serious powder and give you a smooth ride through rough snow, enough camber underfoot to edge easily through wind- and sun-affected snow, and enough rise in the tail to let you pivot on a dime, throw big sideways slashes, and snake your way through tight trees like they're not even there. The tip and tail have some gradual taper for a smooth, consistent feel that won't hook up and send you flying, and the aspen core provides a lightweight, springy platform that's meant to come alive when the snow gets soft.

The X7's not a shrinking violet of a ski, though; it can handle itself when speeds are high and conditions less than perfect, thanks to a combination of carbon fiberglass and triaxial fiberglass laminates, which help keep it stable and torsion-free, respectively. Together, this means you'll enjoy a predictable feel in variable snow, and won't have to check your speed jones at the door just because you're on a touring ski.

  • Voile Hybrid Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot)
  • Aspen core
  • Cap construction
  • Tapered tip and tail
  • Carbon fiberglass laminate
  • Triaxial fiberglass laminate
  • 2mm full-perimeter steel edges
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