Climb. And climb. And climb.

Made for girls who don't feel at home unless they're melting snow on the way up the skinner, the Voile WSG Ski (that's Wasatch Speed Girl, if you were wondering) is a lightweight, American-made skimo plank for competitors and serious recreationalists alike. It's built with the same construction as the men's WSP—traditional camber, a paulownia wood core, and a tip rocker taken right from Voile's Vector. The WSG also boasts carbon-fiber and fiberglass laminates to keep things stiff, light, and speedy. The flat tail gives you plenty of skin-friendly surface area and keeps you in control on the descent, while the notched tip makes it easy to attach your skins of choice. Voile's all about simple, solid, and lightweight design, and the brand-spanking-new WSG is the latest vert-hungry winner.

  • Traditional camber with Vector tip rocker
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Carbon and fiberglass laminates
  • Flat tail
  • Tip skin notch
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