VoileSwitchback Telemark Ski Binding

Tour more efficiently, rip on the way down with the Voile Switchback Telemark Ski.

The free pivoting Voile Switchback Telemark Ski Binding has a separate tour and ski mode, enabling tour with zero heel resistance, then switch back into ski mode and rip down hill. In free pivot mode, the Switchback provides an easier, more efficient stride, and your tips won't dive when breaking trail. Included heel elevators and a light-weight design further help conserve energy on the up-track. When you get to the top, you'll appreciate that this telemark binding's enclosed design eliminates ice buildup the 25mm stand height helps transfer your energy to your edge.

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So Great I had to get two

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

...so that both of my backcountry skis have an awesome binding. These really are a great binding. The tour/ski option is super easy to use.

Great all round bindings

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

5 stars for the Voile switch back bindings.. stable, GREAT Tour / Ski switch option. Highly recommended.

One terrible problem with this binding

    It's a great binding. If you're looking for a very neutral binding, it's a great option. Personally, I like the switchback X2 more for the stiffer cartridges that provide more control in steep, icy terrain. Well priced, sturdy, and great walking function. The BIG problem here is the toe plate. It's so sharp that it leaves large dents in top the duckbill of your boots. This leads to the boot feeling less secure in the binding and eventually, dents so large in the duckbill that replacing the boot is the solution. I've been skiing on these bindings for only 3 MONTHS and I'm already looking for new bindings and a way to get rid of the gnarly dents on my boots (maybe fill in the dents on the duckbill with fiberglass resin?). Long story short, don't waste your money on these until Voilé finds a way to fix this problem. Shouldn't be too hard.

    One terrible problem with this binding
    Unanswered Question

    I just bought Fischer BCX6 boots and want to use the switchbacks but don't no if that boot warrants this binding or the Hardwire would be better. I plan to use them on the Rossinol 125bc skis. Plan to use them for bc touring and light tele downhill.

    Voilé Switchback Telemark Binding

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    I have a Black Diamond O1 that I would...

    I have a Black Diamond O1 that I would like to replace with the Switchback. Are the drill hole patterns the same?

    Has anyone used a soft boot with switchback...

    Has anyone used a soft boot with switchback bindings?

    Yes, I paired them with the Fischer BCX and Voile Switchback bindings on Karhu Guides and it turned weird fast. It was great on the uphill, of course--I had tons of kick and glide and it was really comfortable and free feeling. But when I headed down, the BCX were just not enough to drive the ski. I think that whatever you pair this with, soft boots are going to be more comfortable but not enough to drive a setup on anything steeper than 25%.

    Great deal, great binding

      I've been using this binding for 3 years and I'm totally satisfied with it. Very simple, reliable and durable. I have had no major problems with them. Every once in a while they get clogged w/ hard snow/ice such that they won't lock down. That said, a quick swipe with a ski pole tip easily removes the junk and it locks down fine. They perform really well in ski mode. These things will serve you well. A great all-around binding.

      Mt Lassen

      North side of Mt Lassen, California, May 2012

      Mt Lassen

      do these bindings have the same mounting...

      do these bindings have the same mounting pattern as the g3 targa?

      Yes it is the same pattern.

      Replacing my Voile 3-Pin Cable bindings...

      Replacing my Voile 3-Pin Cable bindings with a set of these, are the binding mounting holes in the same position?

      Yes, they have the same "standard four hole mounting position."

      Write your question here...What's the...

      Write your question here...What's the difference between the men's and women's versions of the switchback?

      The women's version has a lower climbing bar (85mm vs 100mm). I'm guessing, but can't confirm, that the spring tension is different as well.

      Only one binding better.

        And that's the Switchback X2,
        The Switchback family of bindings are the best Telemark Touring binding you can get low on weight most of the binding stays with the ski on your stride and ever since Voile switch to the Heat-treated 410 stainless steel on the toe plates there bullet proof. Get the Switchback if your turn is Medium to high and get the Switchback X2 if you rip as low as a boot will let you go.

        I have a mens size 8 scarpa boot do i need...

        I have a mens size 8 scarpa boot do i need the sort or regular size

        Mens size 8 is 26 mondo, right? That would put you in the short rod group. Good luck!

        I have a mens size 8 scarpa boot do i need...

        I have a mens size 8 scarpa boot do i need the sort or regular size

        You need the Short.

        I am looking at upgrading from 3 pin...

        I am looking at upgrading from 3 pin bindings and boots to the switchback. I have leather 3 pins boots and Garmont tele boots. Until I get a pair of touring boots, do you think either one will fit in this binding? .

        Best Answer

        Any 75mm boots should be compatible.

        pretty good binders

          I really like how simple and light these bindings are. The free pivot is great. The mechanism that switches between ski and tour mode is kind of wimpy. I guess that's why they're light but I am always afraid it will break. I haven't had the durability issues that some reviewers have mentioned, but know folks who have had them, and they've had some pretty major breakdowns. But, Voile and BC.com are always happy to replace. I have a newer set (purchased in 2011) and the heel throw is a lot beefier and made of black plastic. It looks like the metal cut outs on the toebox have gotten a lot smaller than a pair I had that were a year older. I have the short rod version and it fits my 23 Scarpa T-Races with the right amount of pre-load. I like how these ski for the most part. I don't mind where the pivot is because I have such a small boot. I ski these and 22 Designs Axls.

          Best bindings

            Dunno how I got around before these. Way lighter than my old Hammerheads. The touring mode rules and allows you to break trail easy in the deepest of snow... your tips always flip up. The best bindings I've tried.

            Tour Great

              Voile did well with the Switchback binding. It tours well with my Scarpa T2 and TRace boots. I have these on my lighter skinny skis 110 underfoot and 22Designs Axl under my heavy larger skis. Never had a problem with Voile and I have used the Hardwires, Hardwire 3pin and 3pin mountaineers.

              Favorite binding thus far.

                I skied the Axl's and snapped them in half after a month, the Bomber Bishop which looked like it would de indestructible snapped like a twig, the G3 Targa broke more times then I can count and I can't stand the Bdel binding. I have skied every binding on the market and broken every binding on the market. My favorite binding by far is the Voile Switchback, It is a light easy to use binding that skis great on the descent. I have certainly broken this binding many many time but I keep going back to it because I love the feel and flex of this binding. If you want just a resort binding I would definitely go with the SX (same binding minus the tour mode). Another huge factor for me is the fantastic customer service at Voile, they are very quick to get replacement part to me and are actually concerned about their product and satisfaction of their customers (this is quite unusual for a company). If you want an amazing touring binding look no further then the Switchback. If you want just a resort binding Look at the Voile SX. You will not be disappointed!

                Dude, how did you break all those bindings?

                The metal sidewall of my switchback sheared off three miles into the backcountry today. I'm sick of breaking tele bindings, snapping cables, ripping them out of skis. I think I'm done with toy gear and going AT. 25 years of tele skiing...I'm done. The gear is too unreliable.

                Skiing hard, fast, and low. Real low. However, I'm back on the Switchbacks due to Voile excellent service. On monday my local shop overnighted the broken binding to Voile. They overnighted 2 new toepboxes back, the shop had them mounted by Wed morning. The new toeboxes are beefier and just a tad heavier. I'll give them a few more years.