Vittoria Cross Evo XN Tire - Tubular

Fewer knobs means faster rolling.

Knobs work great in loose material, but tend to offer higher resistance on hard, dry terrain. The Vittoria Cross EVO XN Tire offers the best of both worlds. A diamond-pattern tread on the top of the tire reduces rolling resistance, while side knobs bite into corners like a pit bull. The 320 TPI casing provides an extra-supple ride while the PRB puncture-resistant latex innertube ensures air stays where it’s supposed to be—in your tires.

  • Improved softer rubber compound improves traction
  • Low-pressure inflation range puts more rubber on the dirt for better grip
  • Corespun 320 TPI casing (polycotton and KEVLAR®) for added strength and reduced rolling resistance
  • 42mm full RVC alloy valve
  • Recommended 30-90 PSI
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Highly recommend these valve extenders

Highly recommend VIT0069 with these tires. VIT0069 make the tires set up with deep dish wheels super easy. No valve games & sealant refills are also a cinch.

Highly recommend these valve extenders