• Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Anthracite/Black
    Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Tread
    Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Side
  • Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Anthracite/Black
  • Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Tread
  • Vittoria - Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless - Side
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Vittoria Corsa Speed G Plus Tire - Tubeless

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    • Anthracite/Black,700c x 23mm
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    Tech Specs

    G+ Isotech
    700 c x 23 mm
    core-spun cotton
    Claimed Weight:
    205 g
    Recommended Use:
    road cycling
    Manufacturer Warranty:
    1 year

    Durable speed.

    With a lightweight, tubeless-ready, open tubular casing, the Vittoria Corsa Speed G Plus Tubeless Tire is billed as the world's fastest tubeless tire and features revolutionary graphene technology for an unprecedented mix of low rolling resistance, durability, and all-weather grip. The Corsa Speed G Plus is the culmination of a collaboration between Vittoria and an external company, Directa Plus, to adapt a carbon compound known as grapheme for use in bike tires. The resulting compound is dubbed G plus, and Vittoria claims that its inclusion significantly reduces rolling resistance while increasing the durability Vittoria has long been known for.

    The inclusion of graphene is credited with enhancing traction, increasing durability, and reducing rolling resistance, and its impressive strength-to-weight ratio keeps the tire well-suited for racing by reducing rotational mass. According to Vittoria, the combination of G Plus and Isogrip compounds creates a tire surfacing that also rolls fast in both dry and wet conditions for confident cornering and handling no matter what nature comes up with when you're battling it out on rolling country roads.

    Vittoria claims that the elasticity and carbon construction of graphene creates an incredibly durable tire, but for even more reassurance it utilizes a corespun casing to increase the tire's lifespan. With multiple cotton fibers twisted together to create one yarn, core spun casings are significantly more supple than typical casings without adding unnecessary weight to the tire.

    • Lightweight racing tire for high-speed performance
    • G+ Isotech has low rolling resistance yet grips wet or dry surfaces
    • 320 TPI for low weight and supple responsiveness
    • Tubeless design lets you lower PSI and reduces flat risk
    • Graphene uses carbon to create exceptional durability
    • Core-spun cotton provides lightweight, flexible casing
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    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I rode these 4 times and 3 of those rides were cut short by punctures that could not seal themselves. Patching tubeless tires is a huge pain in the ass, so I do not recommend these for everyday use. Might be okay for racing on super clean roads, not sure.

    Not the tire if you ride at all

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Went through 3 tires in less than 600 miles. These tires are not durable at all and will not hold up to any road conditions other than a perfectly cleaned road. I'm not sure if anyone rides or races in those conditions in real life so they just aren't practical.

    On the plus side, they are fast and smooth. You can literally feel the lack of rolling resistance but that is only until you hit a pebble or something else on the blacktop and puncture the wheel putting you out of contention. I will not be putting these on my wheels again. In fact, I have one sitting in it's box in my workshop that will never be used if you want it.

    Hey David, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the tires. I have a friend that loves them and keeps telling me I have to try them. If you happen to still have the tire I'd be happy to try it out. Email=dtfv@outlook com

    Fast Tire... If it mounts

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have a set of the 23mm on my TT bike running TokyoWheel rims and I love them.

    I purchased a set of 25mm for use on my road bike recently but could not get them to mount. Rims were Zipp 302/303's. Every "trick" in the book was tried to get them to mount. It appears the trouble is how the tire sits on the rim when deflated. The thin sidewalls have a very strong tendency to fold inwards (away from the clincher) when placed on the rim. So the tire naturally forms a closed triangle in profile and when you attempt to inflate it, it just closes the triangle even more.

    Brandon, I had this problem with the Corsa Control at first. Then one of the guys at our shop helped a tubeless rookie out; two things: 1. On my ENVEs the stem has a square-ish inside valve grommet upon which the bead wants to fold in and rest atop-- I needed to hook the stubborn thing with a tire lever and pull it towards the rim wall on both sides. 2. removing the valve core for an initial blast from the compressor gives you some extra volume of air flow to push the tire walls outward into the rims, after which you can re-insert the valve core and finish. Hope this helps!

    Smooth and fast

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Exactly like the description indicates, these tires are soft, smooth, light, and fast. I run these tubeless on a set of HED wheels on the TT bike running 80psi front, and 85 rear, I am 152lbs for reference. Tires mounted and beaded up much easier than other tubeless variants I have tried in the past, and I have tried a lot. Beaded up with a floor pump. I have ridden them now for roughly 200mi on varying road surfaces and conditions with no punctures. Highly recommend if you are looking for a fast rolling, smooth, low rolling resistance tire setup.

    Super Fast and Light.... Race day ONLY!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    So Vittoria bills these as race day tires and that they are! They are light, they are fast, they grip the road incredibly well and are a dream for descending. But, they are not durable. They are for races. If you have a set of wheels that you only use for races, these are your tires. If you're one of those riders who train 24/7 on your carbon wheels, these are not your tires. The sidewall cotton casing leaks sealant (slowly) and they are not terribly puncture resistant.

    Very Disappointed!

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    The tires are definitely fast, but the quality/ construction is horrible. The casing is made of rice paper which offers zero puncture resistance. I've managed to get 300 miles out of mine, but had to patch both tires after every ride. For me it's just not worth the hassle. Maybe these tires would be fine for race day only, but for that application I would choose tubulars first.

    Anyhow, I cannot recommend these tires.

    Don't mean to be rude, but why would you think these are for anything other than race day on clean roads? All reviews point out that they are very fast race day only tires, with very little puncture protection. Even the Victoria site shows these as very little puncture protection and low durability.

    Great performance, not durable

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Rolls fast and smooth with great handling. Very thin casing and punctures easily. 80 mile róad ride today and front and rear suffered many punctures and 2 gashes requiring a tube in the front to get home. Prior tire Corsa CX 3 with STD or latex tube. Went through 3 of these tires (speed g) in less than 2 months (tubless) where as I get 2500-3000miles out of the Corsa CX 3 rotating front to rear with new going to front. Never got a chance to get mileage figure on these. Race Day ONLY in the future with Stan's pro sealer.

    The Fastest Tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have around 400+ miles so far on these tires. I am running them tubeless with sealant. The vast majority of my biking years I have ridden tubular. Almost always Vittoria Corsa Evo in rear and Crono Evo in front. About 6 months ago I decided to try tubeless so I purchased some cheap 38mm Chinese Tubeless rims (don't be hating, lol) and put Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless tires on them. I liked them but certainly didn't feel that they were an improvement over my tubular tires. Then I read about the new Vittoria Speed G+ and ordered a pair. OH MY!! Boom, within the first few miles of my first ride I knew these were the fastest, smoothest tires I had ever ridden. Yes, better than tubular!! I know some have reported flat issues but I have yet to get a flat in over 400 miles and they truly do not look that worn. I have heard that the first version that had the "gum" colored sidewall were more puncture prone and that Vittoria made some changes and went with the gray/anthracite sidewall which is more puncture resistant. I have the gray/anthracite so perhaps that is why my good luck. This change also increased the weight slightly so they are now rated at 220 g. as opposed to 205 g. Mine weighed right at the claimed 220 g. I ride on mostly good roads and am very careful/attentive to avoid "junk" on the road. I weigh 155 lbs and have found through experimenting that 95 psi front and 100/105 psi rear works best for me. VERY happy with these tires.

    Update on my review: I jinxed myself, ha. Shortly after my above review I had my first (and so far only) puncture with the Corsa Speed G. It was on my rear tire and the sealant stopped the leak but not before my pressure dropped to around 50 psi or so. I was able to ride it home. Upon re-pumping the tire back to near 100 psi the sealant no longer held. I then took tire off, applied a dab of gorilla glue to inside of tire at the small leak hole, reinstalled tire to rim, added more sealant and pumped to the usual 95-100 psi. So far has held.

    Interested in running these tubeless on my Enve 7.8s for a race. Will the tire work with those rims?


    Yes x2

    Verdict still out on these...

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I was very excited to try these as my first tubeless experience. Got them on without any trouble. They are marketed as the lightest and fastest tubeless tires, which I don't disagree with. They are/were very fast and handled amazingly well. Over 3 weeks I put around 450 miles on them and got 3 punctures 1 on front tire and 2 on the rear, initially the sealent worked to stop leaks but then over the next week I kept getting leaks in the same spots, eventually leaving me with no choice but to put in a tube. The tires looked pretty banged up for having 450 miles. Finally on my last ride a child ran into the road and I ended up skidding for about 5-8' to avoid the kid and that was it for the tire. I burned straight through it. I don't make a habit of skidding around but was pretty surprised at the result none the less. Took it to my LBS and got it warrantied and will give it another chance.

    Flukey stuff can happen even with new equipment so not sure if it's bad luck or if it's due to soft, paper thin tires.
    To be continued...

    Update. The new tire pretty much lasted about the same as the first two. I don't use those tires anymore they were far to delicate. Definitely a race day tire. Day being the keyword because in my experience that was about all I got out of them.

    Sounds like these might be a real race day tire. I say "real" because a lot of times "race day" gets thrown around but the product can actually be used everyday without an issue. Sounds like these might be a low mileage, low puncture protection, race day tire. I was thinking about getting these to run with tubes for my "race day" 4.5s, but maybe I'll stick with the regular Corsa G+.

    These are indeed a true race day only tire; not only is the tread thinner than the standard Corsa G+, but it also forgoes any puncture protection, so the flats are not terribly surprising.

    You might try using the new Stan's Race sealant, as this has a better chance of permanently sealing the punctures. I have also had great luck using Hutchinson's sealant in the past, as it seems to have a more solid plug when it seals.

    Bradley Gehrig
    Customer Account Manager
    Office: 801–204-4541

    Have these tires, super fast and supple. For sure a race day tire. It sounds as though you did not use them for their intended use, although I can't blame you too much due to the way the marketing copy comes off. Not bad luck.

    Tim, not much to add to the other comments except that if you do want to try the Stan's Race sealant be aware of the warning that it (unlike regular Stan's) will clog valves, so you can't just go in via the valve to top off/refresh.