Unior Nipple Assembly Tool
UniorNipple Assembly Tool

Your best friend when building wheels.

Anyone who's ever built bicycle wheels knows the aggravation associated with "dropping" a nipple inside a double-walled rim, initiating the need to rain-dance around the shop with your half-wheel, spokes flailing, hoping the nipple emerges. Prevent nip-slips and save time and hassle, too, with the Unior Nipple Assembly Tool. The spring-loaded tip locks the nipple onto a small spindle that can then be safely inserted into the spoke hole in the rim bed, not release until you want it to, making wheel-building far less frustrating and making you more productive.

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Works as advertised

    Looking for a why to never lose your nipples? Look no further, this little guy does the trick. Holds tight on the nipple so it is easier to install on deeper dish wheels. If you are building a wheel, you are going to want and need this tool