Ultimate Survival Technologies Duct Tape 2-Pack

There's nothing holding you back.

In our consumer driven lives, it's often tempting to throw away the old and usher in the new. Why not lighten mother nature's load and fix some of your old things with the Ultimate Survival Technologies Duct Tape 2-Pack? Fix your pipes, fix your car, fix your life, fix your girlfriend. Ok, maybe some of those repairs aren't so simple, but you can at least bring it along on your next backpacking trip knowing it can come in handy to secure a splint, waterproof a tear in your jacket, or fix a broken tent pole.

  • Duct tape makes a great addition to your backcountry first aid kit
  • Strong, durable, and waterproof for hundreds of survival uses
  • Easy to tear and coreless for the ounce-conscience traveler
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