Trango Ration Capsule

All the small things.

Smartphones slip out of pockets, keys poke you in the unmentionables, and your small snacks are slightly melted once you reach the top of the climb, so stash all the small things in Trango's Ration Capsule, clip the capsule to your harness, and climb on. This small capsule features a pouch with a zipper that runs down the bag so your valuables don't spill out, and there's a snap that keeps the zipper close for extra security. The handy carabiner loop adjusts to ride low or high on your harness.

  • Zippered pouch attaches to climbing harnesses for storage
  • Small size suitable for smartphones, keys, and energy gels
  • Zipper with snap for extra security
  • Carabiner adjusts in length for all harness sizes
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