Trango Jaws Belay Device

The Jaws and climbing go together like …. pizza and beer.

The Trango Jaws Belay Device offers the versatility you need to help cut down on the number of excessive jangling devices hanging from your harness. When you’re belaying your rather heavy partner, whose diet consists largely of beer and pizza (yum), run your brake end through the V-grooves for added stopping power. When you want to make time on a rappel and get back to town in time for— you guessed it– pizza and beer, run your rope over the low side and zip down the cliff face.

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Love it

    I love the Jaws. Been using it for years. Great for lead belaying with narrower ropes. Unfortunately I dropped it while cleaning a climb. These suckers are hard to find at a bricks and mortar store where I live. So its going to have to be online.