Trango Flex Cam
TrangoFlex Cam

Be confident in the gear you place.

From splitter sandstone in the creek to clean Yosemite granite, nothing inspires confidence like a well-placed Trango Flex Cam. The flexible wire stem allows the cam to work in angled and horizontal placements while the color-coded slings ensure that you'll be able to quickly find the right size when you're pumping out 30 feet above your last piece of gear.

  • Wide range of sizes covers everything from half-inch lie-back seams to fat fist jams
  • Lightweight design allows you to climb with a minimal weight penalty
  • Flexible wire stem allows the cam to protect angled and horizontal cracks
  • Nylon sheath on the stem improves durability and provides extra reach for tricky placements
  • Thumb loop allows for easy one-handed placements
  • Cam stops and grooved lobes improve holding power
  • Color-coded slings allow you to quickly identify the correct size
  • Doubled UltraTape sling allows you to rack the cams short or long and in many cases eliminates the need for a quickdraw
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Ineffective triggers

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I don't own any of these but I've cleaned two fixed 7's.

FYI: The triggers, at least on some sizes, fail to completely retract the cam lobes. Plenty of cams have this problem, but for the flex cams it is about 3-4mm per lobe. This makes the cams very difficult to remove if they walk or get pushed in by a panicked leader and will lead to lost cams. Camalots are probably more cost effective in the long term.

Mixed Feelings

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

While I haven't taken a fall on one, which is the ultimate test, I do have some impressions.

I have used the 3-6 and the 9. The 3-6 seem fine. The trigger action is loose compared to other brands of cams I own, but they stayed in place and I can't complain. The #9 I do not like much. Even out of the box, the trigger action did not inspire confidence. I have placed it three times, and every time it has walked, even when I extended the placement with an extra sling. One time it walked back to the point of being no good even as a passive piece. Granted, maybe the error is with the leader, but I have not had the same problems with the BD and DMM cams of the same size.

I had a similar experience with the 9. Also seen the lobes invert. not sure how...

Beginning trad

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I'm just getting into trad and I'm in high school so obviously cost is a big factor, these are my first cams and i absolutely love them, there light weight and although they aren't as nice as BD they have a really good feel and if cost is important these re a great choice!!

Great value and function

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

If I could only by one set of cams, it would probably be the BD Camalots - let's face it, they are the standard and for good reason. BUT if you are going to add a few doubles or triples, the Trango flex cams are great and more affordable. They do the job for sure. And I really do like the extendable sling.

Lightweight, Nice Size Range, Good Price

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Nice craftmanship. Not quite as well made as BD C4's and X4's, but still I am impressed with the overall quality. These are single axle units, and are lighter then the previously mentioned cams. They have a good balanced feel until you get up to the #7 & #8.

Lightweight, Nice Size Range, Good Price

Just adding to my review above. I meant to say, the Trango #8 and #9 start to feel a little unbalanced due to the cam heads getting heavier, and the stem being so flexible.
The picture is meant to show the comparable sizes between the smaller Trango Flex Cams, and a BD C4 and X4's: From left to right - Trango #4 = BD .5,= BD.4 = Trango #3 , BD .3 = Trango #2, BD .2 =Trango #1 . The width of the cam heads on the Trango 1,2, 3, are a little wider then the width of the cam heads of the Camalot X4 .2,.3,.4. The width of Camalot C4 .5 and the Trango 4 are about the same. I like the extendable slings on the Trangos, but even when extended , they are still only the length of a standard quick draw , so depending on rope drap, etc, may still require additional extension, but its a nice feature. I'm looking forward to getting these on the rock.

Trango Flex Cam

Quality and lightweight

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have the middle 5 or so sizes and I love them. I've been climbing with one set of these and one set of C4s and they compliment each other really well. Easy to place, comfy in the hand, and a good expansion range. For the mid-sizes, at least, these are hard to beat.

Weak Springs

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I'm really just commenting on the # 9 here. It's a pretty great price for a big cam, but the springs just feel weak. I never bothered to try placing it, but I fear that this cam would walk a lot and that it wouldn't be as secure as a stiffer springed c4 or helium cam.

Trango Flex Cam

Do these flex as well as camalots? What...

Do these flex as well as camalots? What about range?

These look to be identical to the splitter with only a slight cost in weight. Are they superior or equivalent in function/utility?

Best Answer

They flex pretty darn well but I find that the BDs rebound a bit better and are more resistant to kinking. I don't personally like the doubled sling but that may just be a preference thing.

Great. now i have no excuse to hold off on shopping.