TrangoBlue Steel Quickdraw

You're not taking crazy pills.

You think you'd see different draws hanging from your climbing project every day you reach the crag, but it's always the same Trango Blue Steel Quickdraw. That's because Trango fixed this draw with a steel wire carabiner to reduce wear and stay strong for seasons. The top, bolt-end carabiner features a keylock nose for snag-free convenience when it's time to clean the route and find a new project. This quickdraw also has a rubber retainer that stabilizes the steel carabiner for easier rope-clipping.

  • Steel wire carabiner
  • Aluminum carabiner with keylock nose
  • Dogbone with carabiner retainer
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Blue Steel!

Trango Blue Steel Draw - great for medium term projecting (i.e. hanging draws for a few sessions and then removing them - always be weary of perma-or-fixed draws)

Also makes a great choice for a first bolt draw to reduce the amount of wear you make on the first rope side biner (as the rope will often run through the first carabiner at a sharper angle, especially when lowering)