Timbuk2Especial Primo Messenger

All yours.

If rainy mornings are a regular part of your commute, you can probably admit that your routine would be much simpler if you weren't always switching your stuff between a waterproof bag and a non-waterproof one based on the whims of Mother Nature. Fortunately, Timbuk2 has dialed in exactly how to construct weatherproof bags that are functional for everyday use. About as far away from a garbage bag or poncho as you can get, the waterproof nylon Especial Primo Messenger is backed by an airy mesh panel that prevents it from trapping heat next to your skin. Those well-placed white accenting strips around the perimeter of the bag are actually made out of highly reflective material, so in addition to giving you some style cred, they'll increase your visibility to motorists during early morning and evening rides. 

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