Thule Urban Tote
ThuleUrban Tote

Spy bag.

The ingenious vanishing hardware Thule uses on the Urban Tote is straight out of the labs of Her Majesty's SIS, so it's too sexy not to give it the limelight. It's designed to work with Thule racks, but it's also something of a double agent and seamlessly infiltrates other rack operations. Its cloak-and-dagger field work doesn't end there, though. Like the license plate on 007's DB5, the bag's mounting hardware flips around, transforming instantly from a secure, utilitarian way to rack your contraband to an innocuous Thule nameplate — useful for when you need to ditch the fixie and fly under the radar till the heat blows over. Not that we ever have to do that.

The Tote's design inspiration is more pedestrian, stemming from the recent trend of reusable tote bags. One big difference is that the Urban Tote is non-PVS. It may cost more to manufacture than the ubiquitous PVC bags, but it has a much smaller environmental footprint, which — clandestine operations aside — is kinda the point. The material is water-resistant and durable, so the bag doesn't make any functional sacrifices compared to PVC, it just minds its environmental manners better.

As you'd expect, the bag's storage element is pretty straightforward. It has a wide mouth so you can take full advantage of its 1,617 cubic-inch capacity. The bag also includes a side pocket on either end for quick access to personal effects. They're also transparent, so you can pop a safety light in there without fiddling about with seatpost clips and screwdrivers. Reflective elements also provide a battery-free method to help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

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