• Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - White/Yellow-DO NOT USE
    Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - Bottom
    Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - 3/4 Back
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  • Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - White/Yellow-DO NOT USE
  • Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - Bottom
  • Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - 3/4 Back
  • Tenaya - Tarifa Climbing Shoe - Top
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Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe

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Tech Specs

Upper Material:
TXT-treated cotton
Speed Lace
3.5 mm Vibram XS Grip
Claimed Weight:
[single] 0.3oz
Recommended Use:
sport climbing, bouldering

An overall powerhouse for steep climbing.

When you need that extra something to tackle your latest steep project, lace up the Tarifa Climbing Shoes from Tenaya and get ready to crush some rock. These mid-stiff shoes feature a microfiber upper and a cotton lining that's been given a TXT treatment to help with moisture management and comfort. The Speed Lace system makes taking these on and off easy. Vibram XS Grip rubber helps you stick to steep terrain but can also stick to tiny holds and vertical edging when necessary.

  • Microfiber upper
  • Cotton lining with TXT treatment
  • Speed Lace system
  • Vibram XS Grip 3.5mm sole

Bomber shoe!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Where do I start? I usually wear a size 12 street shoe and a 11-11.5 climbing shoe. I ordered these in 10.5 and they fit like a glove! Surprisingly they are pretty comfortable despite going a size and a half down. Also I have a morton's toe and I usually have problems with climbing shoes to the point where I dont mind my toes bleeding anymore. These things fit amazingly well and are super comfortable! You can really crank down on some super small feet!

A+ shoe

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Context: I'm an intermediate / pushing advanced climber, and I got the Tarifas as my first pair of more aggressive shoes. I mostly climbed indoors with them, save for one outdoor trip.

Performance: Killer. Incredibly grippy and precise. Great for bouldering, great for edging, comfortable for long sessions / long routes. Lifesavers on technical slab climbs with nonexistent footholds. I sought out this shoe specifically because I needed one shoe to do everything—these ones fit the bill. (Except maybe cracks, but I wouldn't know.) Quick-lacing system is a really good balance between speed / efficiency and precision. A couple of tugs and you're in—I didn't find taking them on and off repeatedly at the gym to be particularly annoying.

Fit: I wear a 9.5 street size on average, and I made the mistake of getting these in a 9. Should've sized down to the 8.5. Tenaya recommends sizing down 1 full size from street, and I think that's the correct recommendation. They will stretch ~1/4 size. Beyond that, though—HOLY CRAP are these things comfortable, without sacrificing performance. The sock liner is a revelation (a smelly one, but so be it). The heel was a little roomy on me, but I didn't find it hindered my performance much, even when heel hooking on overhanging / horizontal boulder problems.

Lifespan: these are not the most durable shoes. All that sensitivity and grip comes at a price. I blew through the toe in about three months, but that's as much my fault (imprecise footwork, inaccurate smearing) as the shoes'. Newer climbers (like me!) probably won't get a ton of life out of these. Pay close attention to the condition of the rubber so that you can resole if you want to, before it's too late. Also, the downturn will flatten out considerably after a bit of use, but I didn't find that to be particularly problematic. If you want to preserve it for longer, don't walk around in them at the gym.

Overall: I'll probably be getting another pair of these soon. I love them very much. Highly recommended!

Be skeptical of the Hype

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I normally never write reviews but for this shoe I felt it needed one, maybe more honest than most. I was very hyped-up to get this shoe and it seems to have endless glowing reviews, however; I was overall a bit dissatisfied with the performance. Right away the shoes are very comfortable and that was super pleasing, the rubber is good and overall it preformed well... for a time. I may not be the best with footwork, but pretty much a month into owning these shoes, they started to deteriorate. I climb both outdoors and indoor frequently and I primarily use only one shoe because that’s normally all I can afford. The down turned last of the shoe pretty much immediately faded which was disappointing and the rubber at the toe has been separating from the upper pretty dramatically for what I would consider not much climbing. They are extremely soft shoes from what I am used to (aka the scarpa instinct vs and vapor) and maybe I just have weak feet, but these do not edge as well as I was lead to believe. Overall, if you are like me and can’t really afford more than one pair of shoes at a time and expect them to last longer than 3 months do not get these shoes. I was hoping for a year out of them but I know that will not happen. These shoes had my hopes up very high for a long time and I was pretty let down once I finally began climbing in them. Not to say they didn’t preform well for a time, but that time was very very limited and now I’m on the market again for another shoe with no money...

Best of all face climbing worlds

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Just got a pair in (2 sizes below street) and very impressed. Overall, similar performance to an Anasazi VCS but better built, better edging and the speed lacing system is the best of all worlds. I have wide feet (EE on my right) and the fit is still excellent providing the additional support needed for small edges. BUT, definitely NOT a crack climbing fit.

I was looking for a "Katama" basically a lace version of the Skwama with stickier rubber (Vibram Grip rather than Edge) for granite face climbing. La Sportiva doesn't make that shoe and I am very glad that Tenaya does. West Coast climbers rejoice.

Need a wider version though.

Update: very good on granite slab (edging and knobs) but would only go 1.5 sizes below street for more friction routes to allow your foot to lay more flat when you need to smear. Utterly miserable for a wide foot in crack. But still very stoked on the shoe for face climbing.

Perfect shoe.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

My foot measures 284 mm, which usually converts to a 11.5 - 12 US Mens. I wear a 10 in these. They run quite small. Nothing compares to them for their combination of technical excellence and comfort. Powerful on the smallest edges.

I've gone through more pairs of these than I care to admit, but it's because there's really nothing that compares. I've got Anasazis, Testarosas, Shamans... all sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

On my 3rd pair...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have extremely high arches so these are super comfy for me. They are my favorite all around shoe (outdoor/indoor), sport and bouldering. Really just an excellent shoe all around.

My Dream Climbing Shoe

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've gone through a number of different climbing shoes and have always struggled with finding a shoe that fit my narrow heel, the Tarifa is seriously my dream shoe. Out of the box it was a Cinderella, fairytale kind of fit. They heel-hook, toe-hook, and edge perfectly. Not to mention the rubber is insanely sticky--even on crazy polished limestone. The toe-box is comfortable, and the toe-hook rubber, though it looks minimal, is honestly the perfect amount and has held up to all my roof climbing shenanigans. I hope Tenaya never stops making this model. From the first day I used them, to some serious indoor and outdoor mileage, these shoes are the real deal.

Because this has always been helpful for me: I wear an 8 1/2 (US women's) street shoe and bought size 6 1/2 (which is US men's sizing).

Really enjoyed it

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: 9.5

This is a great shoe, through and through. High performance, yet comfortable. I managed to get a year and a half out of these on original rubber. Sport, bouldering, indoor, outdoor---even DWS. The smell got a little gnarly, but otherwise I was pretty happy. I decided to move on to a different shoe, but it was only because of the fit. The toe box was great for me, but the arch hit a little too far back and the heel was a bit wide.

Sure Does

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
  • Fit: Runs large
  • Size Bought: 42.5

I've been using the Tenaya Ra as a gym kicker for about 8 months, and I've been pleased. Gotta resole them, and in the interim, I figured I'd purchase a complimentary shoe -- something a touch more sensitive and aggressive.

A couple of things:
1) Don't be scared by the synthetic; size as you would normally. I rock a 42.5 RA, which is leather, and was borderline excruciating to break in. I'm talkin toes fully curled, barely able to edge fold over. Eventually, they opened up and I was happy. All good.

So when I ordered the Tarifa, I knew full-well that I wanted this to be an aggressive fit; real tight. I figured, I had an aggressive fit in the Ra, and it took a while for it to sag out to comfortable all-day performance; synthetic shoes don't stretch, I'll stick with the 42.5.

Wrong choice, ultimately. The upshot is, the thing is damn comfortable out of the box (like not-taking-shoes-off-to-belay comfortable). Pretty mindblowing. Perfomance is decent, just ultimately not the shoe experience I was anticipating.

2) I've got absurdly wide feet, collapsing arches, and more bone spurs than a washed-up D1 ski racer still cramming into his plug 140 Dobermans because he "folds through everything". Essentially, when it comes to rock shoes, I always have issues finding shoes that are wide enough, particularly around my insanely over-calcified scaphoid.

Tenaya's are THE wide shoe. This business about narrow toe-boxes I'm seeing in the reviews seems catagorically false. BUT the heel is tighter than say a 5.10.

Overall, I'm into it so far, and maybe as I get into summer outdoor cragging my feet will appreciate the extra space, but as of yet, I'd reccomend sizing down as you would with say a solution or instinct.

AMAZING! Made me a better climber

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

Wore these shoes for 1 year inside and outside on well textured granite. These are my second pair and they've done cracks like nothing else. The 'sock' wrap around is the best. Soooo Comfy. The Vibram XS grip is a super soft super grippy rubber, but an absolute ego killer for my terrible footwork. For my first three months I was dragging my toes up the face and turning and twisiting like elvis on holds. My shoes started to show wear, and so I fixed my technique and my climbing went up a grade. Seriously I'll never give these up.

Good shoes, minor issues

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: Runs small
  • Size Bought: 11

Used these shoes for about 6 months of mostly gym climbing 2-3 days a week. I wear a street shoe size 12 and got these in 11. Fit worked well for me. Had a short break in period that caused some pain but then they stretched out to fit my foot great. An 11.5 would have probably worked out just as good with a bit more comfort without much sacrifice on preformance.

My only issue with these shoes is the durability. I blew a hole on the bottom sole right under my big toe. Six months of use seemed a bit too early for that to happen for me. That's why I didn't rate 5 stars.

Other note... These shoes do get very smelly so beware.

Great shoe

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: 12

These shoes are fantastic - I've used them bouldering in the gym and outdoors on sport routes for about a month now and couldn't be happier about their overall performance. They're super technical, stick and edge really well and are the most comfy climbing shoe I've owned by miles and miles (mainly climbed in muiras, vipers and cobras in the past). That said, after only a month or so of regular wear, these things STINK. They are great shoes but I've never experienced this level of foot stank in all my years of climbing. Consider wearing socks.

Great first buy.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: Runs small
  • Size Bought: 10

After taking these a few times to the gym i have to say they are a great beginner shoe. I LOVE the lace up system. Its the best of both worlds. I remember using the gyms shoes and constantly messing with all the laces to get a good fit that isnt hurting my feet. With their lace up system its a few good pulls on each crossover, tie them up and youre good to go! I bought a size ten although i wear a size nine street shoe. They run a bit narrow so keep that in mind. I can wear them all day and experience no discomfort. The moderate curve and good edges help me with overhangs that i try to attempt and still work well on flat walls.

So far, So good

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
  • Fit: Runs large
  • Size Bought: 41

Coming from TC Pro's, I was hesitant on "leaving" La Sportiva. After a gym session in the Tarifa's I'm glad I chose these Tenaya's. They're actually very similar in comfort compared to the TC Pro's even though they're more "aggressive." They stick well, edge well, and I like the amount of flexibility they have. No too much, not too little. I normally wear 42 in La Sportiva and went to 41's with the Tenaya.

Buy em!

Better Than TC Pros?

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: 8.5

For the past year, my go-to shoe has been La Sportiva's TC Pro. Those are comfortable enough to leave on for an entire climbing session, offer fantastic support, and have nearly unparalleled edging capabilities. However, the TC Pro is not necessarily the best bouldering shoe, and is on the lower end of the sensitivity spectrum.

I've used the Tenaya Tarifa for the past two weeks, and only in the gym at this point. However, my impressions are extremely positive. As other reviewers have noted, the Tarifa is instantly comfortable, and there is very little break-in period. The liner is similar to that of La Sportiva's Solution, but with a longer tongue. This is a narrower shoe all around, though I only sized down one full size from my street size (8.5 versus 9.5).

There is no one best thing about the Tarifa: it is a great shoe due to aggregate of its qualities. For instance, it has ultra-sticky rubber which is made even better by the Tarifa's sensitivity. It is excellent for edging, as well, as that sensitivity is balanced by good support. I find myself being extremely precise in these shoes, and often toe into holds rather than back step. Although the last is not necessarily aggressive, it is downturned just enough so I can "hook" onto jibs and edges. And, that same rubber, sensitivity, and precision allow me to smear and post much more assertively.

One possible con is that the Tarifa's heel does not feel secure. I still have a bit of a pocket in my heel cup, which contradicts what some other reviewers have found.

Overall, an excellent all-day shoe, great for roped climbing and moderate bouldering. I would not use this for severely overhung terrain, but then again, I'm not climbing V10s yet, either. Highly recommend this, and would recommend it over the TC Pro or the Solution if you had to select just one pair of shoes.


3.5  4.5 35 2.5
5 35 / 36 3
4.5  5.5 36 3.5
6 37 4
5.5  6.5 37 / 38 4.5
6 7 38 5
6.5 7.5 39 5.5
7 8 39 / 40 6
7.5 8.5 40 6.5
8 9 40 / 41 7
8.5 9.5 41 / 42 7.5
9 10 42 8
9.5 10.5 42 / 43 8.5
10 11 43 9
10.5  11.5 44 9.5
11 12  44 / 45 10
11.5 12.5  45 10.5
12 13  46 11
12.5 13.5  46 / 47 11.5
13 14  47 12
13.5 14.5 47 / 48 12.5
14 15 48 13
Fit Guide
Mundaka 2 high medium aggressive down 1
Iati 3.5 high medium aggressive down 1
Oasi 3 high high aggressive down 1
Oasi LV 3 high low aggressive down 1
Tarifa 3.5 high high aggressive down 1
Ra 4.5 medium high moderate down 1/2
Inti 4 high low moderate down 1/2
Masai 5 medium low neutral street shoe
Tanta 3.5 low medium moderate down 1/2
Stiffer shoes tend to favor edging strength and support. The thickness of the sole or rand influences the stiffness of the shoe but other factors like the way the shoe is build or the combination of its materials can also play a role.
More sensitive shoes allow the climber to receive more information with each move. They are more capable of adapting to the shape of the rock by putting less distance between the rock and the foot. The thickness of the sole or rand influences the sensitivity of the shoe but other factors can also play a role.
Volume is the amount of space your foot takes up in a shoe. There are many variables involved that equal the total volume of the shoe such as width, toebox width, height, arch height, toe length and heel angle.
Each Tenaya model can accommodate a wide variety of foot dimensions and comes in a range from Neutral to Aggressive. As like Volume many factors contribute and can influence how a shoe will fit. A narrow sole can also fit a wider foot based on the shape of the shoe, closure method and materials used, which all impact the shoes ability to respond to your foot.
Getting the right sized climbing shoe is highly dependent on your foot shape, size, arch height, and other factors, however there are some starting points for shoe fitting in the chart above. Start with these guidelines and size smaller for a more aggressive fit, or larger for a more relaxed fit.