Nothing like a fast pair of planks.

The durable Swix Oval Nylon All Round Brush gives your skis the last finishing touch when you tune your skis and get them ready to charge the mountain the next day. Run this brush from tip to tail to help texture the ski, which makes it glide more effectively so you can keep up with your ski posse on the flats.

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The brush fits like a glove and removes wax like a champion wax remover.

Everyday I'm brushin'

    This is the last step in all of my waxing. This brush has a nice soft bristle that's perfect for finishing. It puts just enough friction on to give the wax a bit of a sheen - sort of that newly waxed car look or showroom floor finish. It can' really be overdone, I don't see much extra wax being lifted - just kind of a polish that revitalizes a 3-4 day old wax job. I don't have the time or luxury or need to wax before every day - I'm not racing for a living. But this brush is a nice compliment to my kit.

    Also, the strap is great. I've only thrown my brass brush (without strap) across the room 3 or 4 times. This brush sticks with you - even when you lose control.