Swix Plexi Scraper
SwixPlexi Scraper

Excess wax on your bases slows you down—get rid of it with the Swix 5mm Plexiglass Scraper.

The Swix 5mm Plexiglass Scraper is a must-have for home ski waxing jobs. After ironing in your wax, use the long edge of the Plexiglass scraper to remove any excess material.

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5mm is the way to go

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

You get a much cleaner scrape with the wider scraper, less bending, and it resharpens better too.

swix waxing video

this is a great instructional video which includes the use of the plexiglass scraper. enjoy!

Mr Miyagi would approve

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Wax on, wax off. This dutifully accomplishes the latter with a nice stiff feel. Dense plexi holds a long edge and sharpens nicely when the time comes.

Can't go wrong...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Simple, effective, and durable, like all good hand tools. Keep it sharpened regularly, and you'll get a lot of good waxes using this. 5mm is the one you want.

the golden standard for scrapers

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

A 5mm scraper is the skinniest, and fattest, a good scraper should be. Small enough for control with both hands or one hand, and pretty well machined. Mine from elementary school are still around, and get a good cleaning and sharpening every few weeks. One is starting to show some wear, but 500+ scrapings isn't too bad of a lifetime.


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Strong,solid scraper. it will stand up to plenty of abuse. Add a scraper sharpner and it should last a lifetime...

Good quality, well made.

    There is no getting around it, a scrapper is something that you need in your tool bag. This is one that I have had for years without having to replace. Lasts a long time and is well machined. The edge is sharp and with the use of a scrapper sharpener it will stay sharp and last a long time.


      As far as i know this is about the same as any other plexi scraper but the edge lasts a long time. I have used just a piece of plexiglas before and using this scraper is much different because the edges are even and sharp.


        This is a good scrapper that stays sharp for a pretty long time. Good for your nordic skis, not typically long enough for tele/AT equipment. Get a good sharpener to keep your scrapping efficient.

        Not JUST a piece of plastic

          This scraper has outlasted most scrapers I've used, but those only being Burton/Dakine scrapers. This is a much denser plastic and has given WAY more wax jobs (wowwww) than the others. Also very sturdy and thick, so you can apply the pressure and not worry about snapping your $8 scraper.

          Only downside, the price... But it's lasts and does a dang good job. What else can you expect from Swix?


            It is always important and easier to have a nice sharpener in your tuning area for your skis. Splurge on this and you will be scrapping your skis less and skiing more.

            It's a peice of plastic for goodness sakes!

              I bought this product to bump my order up for free shipping. I did use it and it works fine, but hey, I could buy a peice of plexi and make a ton of them.

              Pure and simple, it's alot of money for a small peice of plasric!!

              I agree. Learn to be a smart consumer! It will help to save planet earth. Besides, they could provide a free scrapper with the wax you purchase. Great advertisment.

              plenty have tried to replicate the 5mm swix scrapers, but there is a reason why most techs and teams still use em. Get a well machined scraper and a good sharpener and you'll be set for seasons of fast and accurate scraping

              Only scrapers I use

                Not much to say about a scraper really, haven´t had to sharpen it yet, works fine for everything I use them for.


                  This scraper stays sharp for a very long time after a lot of use.


                    Great scraper, I wish it had a corner notch for the edges.