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This solution works in conjunction with MSR's SweetWater Microfilter, so you can drink clean water on your camping and traveling vacations.

Use the MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution with the SweetWater Microfilter and eliminate 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria, viruses, and common protozoan parasites that your water filter can't get. Filter a liter of water with the SweetWater Microfilter, then add five drops of SweetWater Purifier Solution. Mix for ten seconds and wait five minutes for the solution to do its job. *This solution has only been approved for use with the SweetWater Microfilter.

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I am heading to Egypt for a month and was...

I am heading to Egypt for a month and was planning on using my Sweetwater filter plus SweetWater purifier solution, to avoid having many dozens of plastic water bottles going into the landfill. But I just realized I probably can't take the purifier solution on the plane (as checked baggage) per TSA. Has anyone else tried taking the solution on a plane? Katadyn tablets are a possibility, but get expensive after awhile. Maybe a SteriPEN is a better way to go.

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Check first, but I think they recently changed the rules on some liquids in the cabin up to 3oz. You also shouldn't have any problems if you store it in your checked luggage since it's not corrosive, pressurized or flammable . Declare it either way for sure.

Is there anyway to purchase a smaller...

Is there anyway to purchase a smaller amount. It would take me ten years to use this much solution and it always expires before I can use it all.

They only sell the 2 oz bottles

Must have worked.

    I used these drops as a final step after filtering the "frogs and logs" out with the MSR Hyperflow. While the drops are technically only part of the SweetWater system, I can't imagine why they wouldn't work with the Hyperflow. They are quick (5 minutes), lightweight, and produce no trash unlike the individually-wrapped tablets that can take up to 4-hours to treat water. They do leave a chlorine-taste to the water, but it isn't too bad and seems to lessen the longer you let it sit. We used them to filter water for a 6-day trip, and didn't get sick, so again, they must have worked. The convenience and ease of use make them worth twice the $10.

    Why is this product only approved for use...

    Why is this product only approved for use with the Sweetwater filter? Is this some kind of marketing gimmick that MSR came up with or is there a real reason its not recommended for other filters?

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    There may be some reason, but it's probably just the same as stove manufacturers only approving their own canisters for their own stoves. Call it a gimmick if you like. The real question is: do you need to add them? The SweetWater filter already takes out bacteria and protzoans, and viruses aren't a big problem in the US. If you do need the extra additive for purification, use the Katadyn MicroPur chlorine dioxide tablets (item #EXT0040). One tablet per liter of water, kills everything fast.

    First, to answer your question The SweetWater Purifier System and Solution are regulated by the EPA and have undergone extensive laboratory testing to verify their efficacy as a system. It has not been tested with their other products. That sums it up but more infor can be found here.

    That said I have still purchased it for use with my Miniworks.

    Can you use this product like the KleanWater...

    Can you use this product like the KleanWater Chlorine treatment without first filtering the water. In other words, will the water be safe to drink with just the five drops of the MSR solution if the watersource is very clear and does not require filtration?

    The solution is only killing viruses. It is meant to be used in conjunction with micro filter. It will not take care of bacteria or protozoa.

    Strangers on the internet are probably not the best source for survival decisions.

    That said, you can find emergency water treatment information from the Red Cross, FEMA or other reliable sources that will tell you that by starting with clear water, the correct quantity of sodium hypochlorite (the active ingredient in this product and in unscented bleach, albeit at different concentrations), and waiting 30 minutes, you will have water that is safe to drink. (Except for heavy-metal or other chemical contamination.) One piece of advice you'll see repeated is that the water should smell slightly of chlorine immediately after treatment.

    Anecdotally, I have been told that this protocol is weaker against cysts like cryptosporidium, so if you're using a water source known for this risk, you'd want a water filter.

    Does this product really expire?

    Does this product really expire?

    No, where did you get that idea?

    Actually there is an expiration date on each bottle. It last several years.

    Is this just a high-priced sample of clorox?...

    Is this just a high-priced sample of clorox? What is there about it that makes it worth $10?

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    The only active ingredient in this product is 3.5% sodium hypochloride or in other words, weak common household bleach. Clorox is 6%. Pretty high $$$ bleach!

    Plain Clorox for water purification: 2 drops per quart, 8 drops per gallon. Let sit for 30 minutes. Cloudy water; double dose. Water should have faint bleach smell. If not, redo.
    Pure Clorox is corrosive and must be handled with great care.
    If could really ruin your backpack and everything in it.

    mmmm, clorox, nothing clears the sinus's quite like it!

    There is much more going on here than just "household bleach". MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution is specially designed in a lab to work with filters to kill free-floating viruses. Viruses are very easily handled with chemicals, but you don't want to put too much chemical into your water if it's not needed. This solution puts just the right amount without giving off a taste or smell. It essentially purifies the water and nothing more AFTER it's been filtered (viruses cannot be filtered out using a microfilter). Because of the much higher content of sodium hypochlorite in bleach, carcinogens have a possiblity of being created (specifically trihalomethane) when mixed with the organic material in backcountry water. Because of the greatly reduced sodium hypochlorite content in the MSR Sweetwater Purifier Solution, this risk is drastically reduced. Bleach also contains Lye which can burn the skin and destroy tissue. There is no lye in the Sweetwater Purifier Solution. Common household bleach was never intended to be consumed by humans whereas the MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution is. This is a huge difference between the two. The MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution is not common household bleach by any stretch of the imagination...

    How much solution does each bottle...

    How much solution does each bottle contain?

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    2oz. Enough for 300 liters.

    Quick final step to safe water

      Though not rated for my brand water filter, I use this product as the final post filter step to render harmless any nasties that made it though. Contaminated water can get you wicked sick. 5 drops and an extra 5 minutes per 1L Nalgene is invaluable peace of mind. I can detect a little chlorine taste in the treated water, but far less than in Chicago tap water, and certainly not offensive.