Like a helmet for your back.

When you're racing through downhill course at heart-stopping speeds or boosting massive park jumps, even the smallest mistake can put a serious hurting on you. Sure, you've already got a helmet, but your spine is important too, so shield it with the Sweet Protection Grinder Back Protector.

Three layers of protection work together to lessen the impact of serious falls. The carbon fiber-reinforced primary shells distribute impacts over a large surface area to decrease damage from direct hits, polypropylene secondary shells protect the back surrounding the spine and offer an ergonomic fit, and expanded polypropylene padding is a compressible foam that absorbs shock and force, even in extremely cold conditions.

  • Polypropylene shell
  • Carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Expanded polypropylene padding
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Sturdy waist belt
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