Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Orange Insole

Give your running or work shoes the Superfeet treatment.

Superfeet created the Trim-to-Fit Orange Insoles specifically for men who spend a lot of time on their feet, whether walking, running, or working. Replace your old insoles with the Orange Insole from Superfeet to add support and absorb shock. An Agion antimicrobial top cover treatment reduces foot odor and bacteria.

  • Full-length Rebound foam for cushion and forefoot flex
  • Stabilizer cap supports and aligns the rearfoot
  • Agion silver-based antimicrobal treatment naturally reduces foot odor and bacteria
  • Forefoot shock pad for added comfort
  • Ideal for men's feet with a medium to high arch
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What makes these specific for men may I ask?? Some women spend just as much time on their feet, if not more. My local running store said these are similar to the green insoles (which I use now) but with more cushioning. They said nothing about gender.

They are listed by men's sizes.

There's definitely a good chance these would work for you Kristen. If your local shop carries them I would say it'd be a good idea to slide them in your shoes and try them if they'll let you. Superfeet insoles are like magic... as long as you get the right ones. They make different ones for different "volumes" and arch heights.

There's some good info on their site here...

Changed my boots for the better

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

I had some snowboarding boots that would KILL my feet. They were still in good condition, so I figured I would try out some SuperFeet insoles. They have made my boots so much more comfortable that I feel like I saved money by not having to buy new boots.

I will spend the whole day on my feet doing laps on the mountain and my feet don't bother me in the least. In the summer I will definitely be putting these in my hiking boots. Can't recommend SuperFeet enough

Trimming and Fitting your Superfeet

Superfeet Sizing your insole

End of Pain

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

I have these for pretty much any shoe I wear. It has greatly reduced my knee and back aches after a full day on my feet.

The only drawback I have it that at the price, I wish they were more durable. They end up cracking on the plastic part and losing a touch of structure. I have gone through a few pair by the time I have worn out the shoe.

Any chance you will be getting some size...

Any chance you will be getting some size E superfeet oranges in stock any time soon? Like over the next month?

Hey Johan,

We don't currently have any on order, but that's not to say we won't be placing a new order before summer. You can hit up a gearhead and have them take a look at the inventory any time.

Sports or casual

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Have to say that I enjoy these, but when you pay this much for insoles they better do something. Takes some time to form to foot, but once they do they feel good. I got the one's for a size 9 foot and my foot is a bit wide so I had to go up a size. I use these for my hiking boots and snowboard boots. Both work great. No complaints.

In the Dress Shoes!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

I've put these into my dress shoes and now my back doesn't ache at work. Very comfy and supportive!

So comfy!

    Great insoles, I use them for all my shoes! Easy to trim, just remove the old insole, match them up at the heel, trace the edge on the new pair, trim, insert, enjoy!

    I use them almost every day

      I wear them in my hiking boots, running shoes, dress shoes, and golf shoes. Great product.

      they work

        I put them in some snow boots that I have and they simply do the job, they are not as comfortable as my vans but they work


        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I started out with the green ones which were great until i started working on my feet all day. I have an orange pair with forefront shock pad which is a great added padding. I have several pairs for each of my shoes.


          These are amazing, just make sure you get the right size. I had a pair that was a tad to small. I went to work at a bar and at the end my feet hurt really bad in the heel. I just got a bigger size and love them!

          Love it!

            I've got two pairs of these and I definitely plan on getting more! These offer far more support than what's offered from the original insole and last a lot longer

            Just Buy Em!!

              I wish I would have been turned onto these when I was 30. I use orange in my trail running shoes and green in my boots. They add miles to my trek no matter what I'm trekking over. Do your feet and legs a favor and just buy em!

              Great but Expensive

                Used Superfeet since they began business years ago. I bought my first pair and probably paid $8. Now at $44 they are often half the price of a good pair of cross trainers and they are going up. Not sure they are worth the expense and while I like 'em I simple cannot afford 'em.

                I am curios which insole might be best for...

                I am curios which insole might be best for cycling shoes.

                For Cycling Shoes: Look at the Blue, Yellow and Black Superfeet Insoles. Depending on the type of shoe (touring vs road vs mountain shoes), the tightness of the fit, and your personal taste, will determine which of these works best.

                very comfy

                  love these footbeds. super comfortable and provide great support and cushion

                  Can anyone describe how the orange compares...

                  Can anyone describe how the orange compares to the green superfeet? Thanks

                  Best Answer

                  I know you asked this question awhile back, but I'm sure quite a few people are wondering the same thing.
                  The green have a higher more aggressive arch. The orange have a thin foam cushion under the forefoot making them a little bit more forgiving for those longer treks/walks.

                  @Mitch - Thanks for the answer. I ended up taking the plunge and purchasing the Orange. I agree with your assessment. I find the added extra 1mm of padding on the forefoot to be huge improvement. I don't experience nearly the same level of foot fatigue I did in the Greens. I'll never buy the Green ones again.

                  Must Have

                    Never understood the need for different insoles... until I got these. I first put the red ones in my ski boots because the intuition liners dont come with them. Changed my life. I now put superfeet in everything i wear, skate-shoes through backpacking boots. The arch is higher back than Im used to put your body adjusts to it and after a few uses you dont even notice. My back feels better, dont have any foot cramps, and I feel comfortable all day. You need to try a pair