Not for teeth.

Sublime's Climbing Nylon Brush cleans grease off boulders like it was gingivitis. The unique neck fits in climber's hands better than the alternatives found in grocery stores, and it's doesn't snap or bed overtime. You can unscrew the bottom to reveal a secret compartment, and the top can screw into Sublime's  ClimbOn Bar to brush holds higher up the boulder.

  • Brush designed specifically for rock climbing
  • 6,500 bristles assure long-lasting brushing
  • Durable neck unscrews to reveal a secret compartment
  • Attaches to Sublime's ClimbOn Bar
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Sublime Brush

    This thing is quality and you can tell from just taking it out of the packaging. So many bristles that are super soft and I'm looking forward to using this thing.

    Thanks Man ! That Helps My Choice :)