Amongst the well-heeled family of Storck bikes, the Aerfast is undeniably the sibling that was born to spend its time off the front. Conceived with a focus on aerodynamics, the frame features the same enviable stiffness-to-weight ratio that you'd expect from Storck, with extra attention paid to smooth ride quality. Within the Aerfast line, the Aerfast Comp Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike is the most affordable version. Spec'd with Shimano's new 105 11-speed drivetrain and featuring the same aerodynamic frameset shaping as its pricier siblings, the Aerfast Comp earns the rare distinction of being an attainable but impeccably pedigreed race frame.

Storck uses the same molds to construct each of its Aerfast frames, with varying grades of carbon separating each. The unidirectional carbon used to construct the Aerfast Comp requires a heavier layup than the grades used on the other models, adding a few grams to the frame but taking away none of the stiffness, strength, or vibration-dampening effects that you rely on carbon to provide.

According to Storck, the Aerfast is about 20% less stiff than its prized Aernario, resulting in a significantly less harsh ride compared to its all-around road racing sibling. Storck prides itself on its demanding tube shaping process, Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping, which the Aerfast frame benefits from in the form of classically-shaped, teardrop tube profiling. While Storck smooths out the tubing on the Aernario in the name of lower weight and versatility, the Aerfast's tubing is purely "aero"; Storck carved the shapes into wind-cheating profiles to deliver you through the air as efficiently as possible during the kind of think-with-your-legs solo moves that leave little room for error.

The Aerfast's geometry also helps with this goal, and it's firmly unapologetic in its purpose. Storck constructs the Aerfast with aggressive stack and reach measurements that allow the frame to occupy the selective space between road and triathlon frames. Whether you're pedaling through tense, shoulder- bumping corners or securing your position within the pack on the main stretch, the Aerfast challenges its rider to race it — not simply ride it — in order to use its responsive handling to its full potential.

Storck designed the Aerfast with a similarly compact rear triangle as its other models, with seatstays that join the seat tube at a lower point than on more traditional frames. This helps disperse road noise throughout the frame before it reaches the seatpost, further contributing to the Aerfast's comparably forgiving ride. Further, by shortening the seatstays, Storck restricts the potential for lateral movement in the rear triangle.

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