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Filling up that bladder fast.

No matter how you're purifying water in the outdoors, it's hard to filter four liters of H20 in under three minutes, but the SteriPEN Quantum Rapid Purification System pulls that off in just 150 seconds. Stop at any creek, stream, or lake (preferably not a green stagnant puddle), and after several minute's stirring with the UV light rod, you can be sure your water will be 99.9% free of nasties, bugs, and gut marauders. The SteriPEN bladder lays flat and holds over four liters of treatable water, making it perfect for larger backpacking trips, river camps, or rescue situations.

  • A quick way to purify water in the backcountry
  • Treats four liters of water in 150 seconds
  • 40-micron filter eliminates parasites and protozoa
  • Four liter storage bladder comes with kit
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