Snow Peak BBQ Rod
Snow PeakBBQ Rod

Cast aside your fire-fears.

Campfires are great, but getting too close to them is not. With Snow Peak's BBQ Rod, cast aside your fire-issues and then cast your hot dogs, brats, and s'mores supplies into the flames. This fun take on the fishing rod keeps you out of the fire's way while doing an impressive job of keeping your food skewed and in the perfect position to roast.

  • A fishing-rod styled skewer for roasting over the fire
  • Two metal points for roasting more than one thing at a time
  • Wooden handle keeps hands from burning
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Fire Fishing

Perfectly turn your hot dogs with a flick of the wrist! This cute rod allows you to roast either 2 hotdogs or 4 marshmellows of the fire at once.