Skullcandy Grind Wireless Headphones

Always on the Grind.

Skullcandy created this Wireless version of the Grind Headphone so there's nothing holding you back when you're tackling your daily grind. Bluetooth connectivity with a 33ft range means you can skate, dance, ride, and work out without any pesky cables getting in your way.

Three on-ear buttons allow you to change tracks, adjust volume, and take phone calls without pulling out your device. Supreme Sound technology delivers warm vocals, crystal clear highs, and booming bass so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard. Full Contact Comfort ear pillows seal out sound while surrounding your ears in plush comfort to keep you grooving all day (or night) long.

  • Bluetooth connectivity with 33ft range
  • Supreme Sound technology
  • 40mm drivers
  • On-ear controls
  • Full Contact Comfort ear pillows
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Turn My Headphones Up!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These things rock. Excellent sound at a great price. I've had the same pair for almost two years now and they're still going strong. Definitely a solid investment!

For the Daily Grind

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These are a serious upgrade from the last pair that I had. not to mention not being tangled up in a cord while working is awesome. I'm excited to take these babies on my flight to Europe and be able to sleep with music and not have to worry about disconnecting the wire as well. the sound is pretty good. They are user friendly and super intuitive to use. recommended for casual and not active use.

Good Sound, Even Better Price

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These headphones might not cost much but they perform like they do. Super comfortable to wear all day and sound great!

Two Thumbs Up!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I use these headphone all day long at work to listen to tunes and take phone calls. They are very comfortable and don't squish my head. I wear glasses and most over-the-ear headphone start to hurt, pushing on my glasses behind my ears after a while, but not these!!

They are also attractive and don't make me look funny while walking around, looking like I'm talking to myself. I love not being tied down with cords. They also help to block out unwanted background noise and I appreciate that you can still listen to music while the headphones are charging. And they come with a cord to use with devices that aren't Bluetooth compatible. No complaints here!


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

How did you find out the frequency response of these headphones? It is not posted on the package, and I have contacted several stores and nobody knows the frequency response. Did you just put the 20Hz-20,000Hz down as an arbitrary number because its pretty much the basic headphone range, or do you have some special intel? Even Skullcandy doesn't have the frequency responses posted. Just wanting to know

Keep the beats going

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I got these for my wife, and she loves them. She works in an office, and with the wireless feature is nice as she is not always attached to the computer. Sound quality is great, as expected from skull candy, and they still drown out a lot of unwanted surrounding sounds. Comfort is also good with these, don't really feel like they smash your head too tight. Charger is included to keep the battery life up on these. Great option for an inexpensive wireless headphone option, that pumps out the tunes time and time again.

Excellent bang for the buck - BAD SELLER

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I received an obviously opened box and a set of headphones with greasy fingerprints all over them. Backcountry's customer service response was to 'allow' me to be charged again for another set to be sent immediately, and then wait for snail mail to deliver my return to them before my refund was initiated. If this was a simple case of defect, that would almost be understandable, but there is no way they didn't KNOW they were sending me a USED product. DISHONEST. Subsequently ordered from Amazon because, customer service. The headphones themselves are a solid three stars because of their relative value in comparison to other wireless options, but nothing great on the sound front when compared to their wired equivalents in the same price range.

Love these!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These headphones are hard to beat for the price. They are extremely comfortable on the ears, cancel noise fairly-well, sound excellent and look great.

I would recommend these to anyone looking to get some good headphones and not break the bank. Definitely stoked on this purchase!


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Skullcandy has always had the best value out there, but the quality can be hit or miss. These days they seem to have done a great job of improving quality throughout the line without driving prices up much more. These things are relatively cheap for bluetooth, super comfy, look great, and sound great. Short of buying super nice $200+ headphones, these are the way to go. Personally I'm not a huge audiophile so I prefer the more compact, light weight Grind even over "better" headphones.

Definitely smart to include the hard-wire option as well so you don't have to stress about battery life if you're out and about, but battery life has been very solid for me so far so haven't actually used the cord.

Versatile and stylish.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I decided I had to have a pair of bluetooth headphones after years of knocking my phone off of the treadmill while running. These headphone are perfect for what I was looking for. Bluetooth is easy to connect, stays connected, sounds great and the battery lasts forever! After wearing them for awhile I get a little pain on my ears, but worth it to have them stay in place while running. Would highly recommend!

Sweet Sounds

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

My husband got these for me for my birthday and I love them. They are very comfy and sound great. I use them at work and they last for a whole day no problem and charge really quickly. Very happy!

Excellence in action

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These headphones are great. I love the onboard mic. The bluetooth is a quick and easy set up and the battery has lasted me more than a week on one charge. I love that they come with the aux cable too. They are super comfortable on my ears and have quickly become my daily drivers.

No Compromise

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Love the sound on these -- not mushy like you might expect on wireless headphones at this price point. You don't have to spend a lot for great audio! The wireless is super convenient when you're moving around, at the gym, etc. but I really appreciate the aux cord for watching videos on a laptop -- saves battery and there's no lag like I've sometimes noticed you get with Bluetooth connections.

Great Headphones!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

1. Great Noise Quilty
2. Very comfortable (even for a big headed person like myself)
3. Easy to use controls on the right hand side of the headphones.
4. Easy to connnet via blu-tooth
5. Even at full volume other people in the room can not hear what you are listening to.

1. Girlfriend like them so much she claimed them for her self!

Skullcandy Grind Wireless

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I just donated by beats solo 2 headphones to the thrift store after purchasing a pair of the Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones. They are on ear headphones and seem to have no pressure points as I have worn these on the airplane and for long periods of time at work. Bluetooth pairing is easy & set up great with my computer, apple watch and iphone. It comes with a backup aux cord in case your re-chargeable battery dies and a usb charging cord. The fit is low profile & doesn't stick out like my old beats. I can wear these with a beanie or hat and they stay put while walking or being active.

by far the best skullcandy headphones i've ever owned. so stoked to see their quality of products going above and beyond yet the price doesn't break the bank

Good bang for your buck

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These headphones sound great, and for $90 wireless headphones how can you go wrong?! The Grind wireless are easy to pair via bluetooth and are comfortable to wear (and stylish).

I would like to note that I felt they are a little loose on my head which means they are more ideal for walking around or getting to and from work, but not for working out or running around.

Good bang for your buck

Comfort and Convenience

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These headphones come with me everywhere. Literally. I'm in love with them.

I work remotely most days and due to a significant number of phone conferences or loud surroundings, I'm generally plugged in to my phone for the majority of the day.

I used to wear nothing but ear buds, but I'd constantly lose the rubber ear pieces or tangle the chord. These headphones have changed that.


1. THEY HAVE A MIC!! And it works via bluetooth. I know the site doesn't say anything about it, but it works well. I've been told that I sound like I'm standing in the same room as someone I'm talking to in Florida even though my phone may be in an entirely separate part of my own house.

2. Durable design. I take them backpacking as well as to work, which means they get tossed into various bags, stuffed into pockets or worn around my neck with no issue. The headband is made of metal, the headband pad is made of leather and fabric. From an aesthetic perspective, I love these materials. Using these instead of plastic also makes the headphones look and feel like something you'd get from a more expensive or luxurious brand.

3. Comfort. I think other reviewers have said this, but these are some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. The headband has a cushion in it as well, and the ear pads adjust to fit so well that I don't ever feel like I have to take them off for a break.

4. Sound is on point. Seriously. Clear, HD tones. Calm, Deep bass. Multi-level audio like I've heard from far more expensive brands.

5. The lack of wires really is freeing. I mentioned that the mic was great, but generally the lack of wires (or having to carry my phone with me as I talk to someone or listen to music) is amazing. I can move freely and my conversation or music comes with me.

6. Length of charge is phenomenal. I think battery is supposed to last for 12 hours. I honestly think the pair I have may last slightly longer. With non-use, the battery holds the charge well too. I can take them out for an entire weekend of backpacking (so use is likely 2-4 hours total) and still be able to use for the majority of my week back in the city before having to charge.


The only con I have is that I've had them turn on in a pack, running the battery down slightly. Skullcandy has done a great job with requiring the "long hold" to turn on, so that's why I think I've only had this happen once.

Comfort and Convenience

Great sound at a great price!

I got a pair of the Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones in black/silver. I really like this color option is it goes well with just about anything that I might be wearing.

Initial impressions upon opening the packaging were great. They felt like nice quality, especially considering the low price tag, the look fantastic, and more importantly the sound blew me away. Not having to plug these in I thought that maybe the sound would suffer, but these blow any iPhone ear buds out of the water, and if you were to buy iPhone earbuds from Apple themselves it would cost almost the same price! Crazy.

I used them for the first time on a camping trip I did out here in Colorado. Once settled in for the night with the campfire going, I huddled around, turn my music on and I was in bliss. Camp tunes never sounded this good.


1. Stylish: These look super stylish and suit just about anything I wear. A lot of headphones I wouldn't want to wear out in public, but these definitely would look very good with just about any casual wear in and around town or in the outdoors.

2. Sound quality: The best thing about these headphones is the sound... which is kind of a good thing considering that's their main use. The bass is nice and punchy, but not overpowering. I wouldn't call them bass monsters, but that's OK because that isn't what I like. The mids and vocals come through at a perfect volume and you can hear the highs clearly, not interrupted by the rest of the sound spectrum. They don't have the biggest soundstage, but that's not surprising considering the type of headphone that they are.

3. No wires! This is one of my favorite things about the headphone. They connect so easily VIA bluetooth to my phone and I can be listening to music on my Spotify in no time. Plus, no having to deal with annoying cables with hiking or walking around town.

4. Comfort: I can wear these for a couple of hours before I really even begin to notice them. They fit on my ears really well and don't apply any nasty, uncomfortable pressure.

5. Battery Life: I was surprised by just how long these lasted. I took them on a camping trip, used them with my laptop around the house for a week, on a couple of short walks around town and I still didn't have to charge them. When they finally ran out, I'd estimate they had probably about 11 hours of use. Pretty damn good for a wireless electronic device in my opinion.

Value: I really do think that overall these headphones are a bargain for what you pay for them. They sound great, look great, are easy to use and most of all don't break the bank.


Long-term listening: After a few hours of non-stop wearing them I did notice that the pressure from them sitting on my ears started to become comfortable. While I have listed this as a con, I am being picky considering any other headphone I have ever worn has done the same thing, often well before I notice it on these. Just be aware you may not want to be wearing these for a whole day.

Charging time: While you do get the convenience of wireless, with that comes having to remember to charge them. I got on a flight and realized I forgot to charge them up beforehand and had no other headphones. Unfortunately they do take a few hours to full charge up, so I was out of luck. Mostly my fault for forgetting, but keep it in mind.

Great sound at a great price!


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These headphones are by far the BEST set I have owned. You wouldn't believe how convenient it is to not have to plug in... just put them on and boom, you're listening to music, anywhere. It makes it easy to listen anywhere and looks super sleek.

I got the black and tan and they are true to the picture. Even better in person actually. The band is a fine grade soft suede and the head phones are black with a soft touch to them. Really quality product that goes with anything I wear.

1. DUH, NO WIRES. These are wireless, finally! Wires are a thing of the past, and you dont have to worry about them getting in the way, or pulling out of your device, or getting wrapped around you or anything. Its unbelievable how much more range of motion you have.

2. SUPER EASY TO USE. There are three buttons, and a little flashing light. Its pretty basic and you really cant go wrong. When it connects to the bluetooth a nice voice in the headphones will let you know its connected, or disconnected. I connected them to my phone, my computer, and my car and it was flawless with each one. Volume up button and volume down button and on/off button are on the rear side of the earpiece and large so you can feel them with ease and dont have to take them off to look at what you are doing.

3. STYLISH. They come in many different colors and patterns, so you can really be unique with them and match them up with your overall look. The shape is not bulky on your head. This is HUGE for me because Im a girl with a pretty small head, small enough that I sometimes buy childrens sunglasses (shh!) and most headphones look obnoxious on me. These are sleek and small though and Im not embarrassed to wear them out on a walk or in the cafe.

4. COMFORTABLE. The headband part is soft and padded, as well as the ear muff part and when you have them on your head or around your neck they really are super comfortable. When you aren't listening they are small enough to just hold around your neck without getting in the way, and they still look pretty sleek.

5. BATTERY LIFE. The battery life is surprisingly long... the package says 12 hours and I think its pretty on point. When you are watching movies or on a plane, or wherever you use these... I would say It will take you a couple days to run the battery down. Just be prepared with backup AV cable for when it does die.

1. BUTTON PLACEMENT. So the only thing Ive found to be a slight issue, is the placement of the on/off button is right where I put my hand when I hold my headphones, so I have accidentally turned them off a couple times. Its not a big deal, and I've since gotten used to it and haven™t done it as much, but initially it was kind-of annoying.

2. LONG TIME TO CHARGE. If the battery runs out (which there is no warning -“ that I am aware of) don™t plan on using these things for quite some time. I recharged mine and it took about 3-4 hours for them to fully recharge! However, an AV chord comes with them as well for emergency backup situations, however its really short so dont plan on trying to use it at the same time as charging!

Other than that, these are pretty amazing and totally worth the buy!


No strings attached

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

If you are like me, you constantly forget you are even wearing headphones or earbuds and you are thrown into a chaos of tangles and wires violently jerked out of your phone at every sudden motion. These headphones are the solution for that. Whether I am on the 9-5 in the office, getting work done in the gym, or just hanging out, I can really forget that I am wearing headphones, enjoy the music, and look stylish while I am doing it.

Fit: I got the Pine/ Mustard/ Pink color, which looks exactly like the picture. I really like this color combination with the brown and blue (it is more interesting than traditional boring colors and materials) and the print on the inside is really cute too. The brown suede gives it a bit of a rustic feel. The headphones easily adjust to your head size and the ear pillows provide added comfort.

Features: The headphones very easily connect to your phone via blue-tooth and I had no problem at all quickly setting up the initial connection. Now it pairs in seconds when I turn on the Bluetooth on my phone and turn on the headphones. The controls on the right headphone are positioned so you can easily pause, adjust volume, and skip songs without touching your phone. I really like this feature because I can quickly pause if someone stops by my desk to talk to me. The volume buttons also substitute as the skip or play back buttons, which I thought would be difficult to always get right (you have to just press and hold for 3 seconds to skip), but I have to say this feature has worked flawlessly, I have not once skipped a song when trying to adjust volume or vice versa.

Performance and Use: I usually use these at work, they really help to shut out any of the extra noise in the office and I think I look pretty cool so that is a plus. The sound quality is eons better than what I used to use (my regular earbuds from my iPhone), my co-workers catch me jamming to Sia all the time. The Bluetooth range is great, I can get up and walk to the kitchen probably more than 30 feet away and keep rocking. I also use these when lifting weights. I used to always struggle with where to put my phone and where the wires went, but now I can just put my phone to the side and get swole without interruption. They are also great for walks or just hanging out without being connected to a wire, I can sit and read a book without getting my arms wrapped around a cord (if you can see a theme here, wires are my kryptonite). They also last for ages, I am a stickler for having my electronics charged at all times, but I can go the whole work-day and then some without having to charge these.

Pros / Cons: I love these headphones, they are super easy to use for the technology and wire challenged, have fantastic sound quality, long battery life, and they are very comfortable. The price for a set of headphones this good is also exceptional. If I had to nit pick, it would be that the USB charger cord for these is a little short, so if I do find myself having to charge while listening, it is pretty much impossible to sit back comfortably from the computer.

No strings attached