• Sidi - Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's - White
    Sidi - Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's - Detail
  • Sidi - Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's - White
  • Sidi - Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's - Detail
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Sidi Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's

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Tech Specs

Upper Material:
Techpro microfiber
Tecno 3 Push, Soft Instep 3
Vent Carbon
Cleat Compatibility:
Recommended Use:
road cycling
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

Redefining the best.

Sidi has a competitive streak, and the brand seems to be unable to sit and appreciate its successes of the last decades for very long at all. Like an only child with no maddeningly perfect older sibling always one step ahead, Sidi instead continuously strives to outdo itself, and its Wire Speedplay Shoe represents the Italian firm’s latest bid to raise the bar even higher. Invest in a pair to ride with the top end shoe from a brand continuously occupying the upper echelon in cycling shoe design.

When you slide your toes into these slippers, Sidi’s Tecno 3 buckle eagerly awaits the chance to wrap around your foot in a slim, contoured silhouette. Micro-adjust to your heart’s content as you secure the durable Techpro microfiber around your foot; the system aims to achieve efficient power transfer while yielding to the curves of your foot for a fit that's free of pressure points and hot spots. Also working towards better power transfer, the Heel Security System allows you to tighten the shoe to fit closely around your heel. Bony, knobby heeled cyclists prone to heel slip: pay attention. This system is a game changer when you find yourself throwing power into the pedals on steep grades and during out-of-the-saddle sprints.

Arguably the most crucial player in the power transfer game, the featherweight Vent Carbon sole’s lightness belies its unyielding rigidity. Stand up and sprint or sit down to barrel through a climb in the big ring, and either way your hard-won watts will be delivered where they need to go. Sidi also built a slight degree of flex into the sole to make sure you stay comfortable.

  • Flagship road shoe delivers impeccable fit and craftsmanship
  • Full carbon fiber sole for uncompromising power transfer
  • Sole vents create airflow while slight flex maintains comfort
  • Techpro microfiber upper blends durability and breathability
  • Tecno 3 closure system for almost unlimited adjustability
  • Sidi shoes continue to raise the bar in craftsmanship and fit
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I have speedplay ultra light action pedals. What else is required to use this shoe? Do I just buy the ultra light action walkable cleat?

You would want to get the SPEEDPLAY Ultra Light Action Walkable cleats in order to be able to clip in to Speedplay Ultra Light pedals. https://www.competitivecyclist.com/speedplay-ultra-light-action-walkable-cleats

Serious Shoes; Better than Boa

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: 46

Probably the stiffest sole of any shoe I’ve used. Definitely designed for maximum power transmission. So think twice if you’re looking for an everyday shoe for long, relatively sedate rides. Closure system provided for infinite adjustment. No hotspots or numbness, even when cranked right down. Could be a tad wider up front, to accommodate my wide forefeet, but this doesn’t pose a huge problem, by any means. As with other SIDIs, it took a couple hundred km of break-in time until they were just right. This was especially true for the tongue, the top of which seriously cut into the upper/talus area. I adjusted the top strap length, snipped the tongue as per SIDI’s instructions, which helped a bit. But only more revs cured it completely. Odd, since this model seems nearly identical to my trouble-free Geniuses, in most respects. Lastly, the retention dials are not only comfortable but amazingly robust, too. I prefer them over BOAs, which tend to slip at times. Operating the SIDIs’ dials is a bit more complicated and a bit more time consuming, especially on the fly, but definitely worth it. If only each side turned oppositionally to the other. Strange and counterintuitive, in that they both ratchet in the same direction. No dealbreaker whatsoever. Highly recommmended, particularly if you’re running Speedplays and are considering a standard version. I have tried it both ways, with a variety of brands. It does make a difference.

Excellent Cycling Shoe

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size

The fit of the shoe is impressive but the European sizing probably helps. The tongue is probably a bit large considering the overall profile. The wire push system is solid but extremely flexible, virtually guaranteeing a comfortable fit for every single ride. My favorite characteristic is the stiff carbon sole complementing and establishing the biomechanical interface elements promoting both comfort and function The shoe retails at a high, top-end pricepoint but for those of us that spend hours in the saddle several days out of the week, they are worth it. In the days of George Hincapie, I wore Carnacs then wore Specialized S-Works for years. I must say that these Sidis seem to have the best attributes of all the other great road shoes!


Is the Sidi Wire Speedplay ONLY compatible with Speedplay cleats and pedals? The reason I am asking is I am planning on switching pedals to Garmin but would like to continue using this shoe.

Yes. Get the non speedplay version to be compatible with both. This version is drilled for the 4 hole speedplay cleat to give a lower stack height.

Hard to buy online. I'm out $499.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Size Bought: 48

Sidi shoes get great reviews and local rider comments. I tried for 5 months to make these shoes work- loosened them, insole inserts, and different socks. All with no luck. Experienced hot foot and foot pain throughout. Put probably 800 miles on them. My conclusion is too small a toe box and not enough ventilation. By comparison I moved to a Specialized Wire shoe and had great results. I would not recommend buying shoes online. I contacted CC about my issues but they were unable to work something out for me because of their 30 day policy. I understand, but I also know my local bike shop would have worked with their distributor to find a solution. My advice- BUY LOCAL.

Have to agree re: narrow fit in the front part of the shoe. I've hoped they would stretch out with use but that's only been partially effective. I like having the shoe specifically designed for Speed Play but I wish there were options for width.

Great fit with Sidi excellent quality

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: Runs large
  • Size Bought: 43.5

Great shoe overall. I will break the review into Value, Fit, and Quality.

Value: This shoe is at the top of the price range for cycling shoes. As such its a bit pricey, so look for it when on sale.

Fit: My prior Sidi Genius 5 was a 44 and this one I had to go with a 43.5. So I would say it runs big. Competitive Cyclist made the exchange process quite easy, so it was not a big deal to size down. The fit and adjustability are excellent. You can adjust the heal which is a nice feature as well. Really like the wire closure system. After about 500 miles on the new pair, I am still getting some hot spots on the bottom of the feet. These seem to be getting less frequent as I wear in the shoes. As wis my experience with Sidi, these are narrow shoes, so if you have a wide foot, you may need to go a half size larger. The installation of the Speedplay cleats was very straight forward. Seems the stack height is marginally smaller than on Sidi's that are not Speedplay specific.

While this is not a fit issue, don't be shocked by how white these are right out of the box.

Quality: Sidi shoes are extremely well made. I have to say, my Genius 5 finally gave out after 12 years of riding and thousands of miles of riding. Probably the longest lasting pair of shoes you will ever buy.

What I have found with Sidi shoes is that unless you order the wide size shoes, a larger size won't help with a narrow fit. Sidi Mega shoes. 6.0 comes in a wide fit and are luxuriously wide compared to a regular fit.

Solid shoe

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

Overall I like the shoes. I have about 1500 miles in there. A little narrow up front and I will still get some numb spots on the outside of my foot on 50+ mile reides, but nothing to really cry about. My issue is with the tongue. The toungue has started to roll under over time, and with the serrations, the tongue has become like a little saw into the top of my foot. I liked these shoes if not loved them.

Tongue, not toungue! Like, not lik! Wow!

Fixed! :)

Snug fit w/ one hiccup

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: Runs small
  • Size Bought: 45.5

I have had these shoes for three years now and put about 7500 miles a year on them. As with most Sidis, they use a European last and run a little narrow. I had hot spots on my normal width American feet for the first few weeks. Unlike Sidis of old, the upper on these shoes stretched out and now they fit like a glove. The carbon soles are very stiff and mate with the Speedplay system perfectly. You can also buy replacement heel tabs when the original ones wear out. The only issue I have had is with the toothed strap that counteracts the upper boa tightener. When the shoes were new, the straps struck the crank arm when pedaling and created a crack in the slotted receiver for the strap. So I superglued the crack and cut off the excess strap. Now, three years later, the teeth on the straps are slipping free, causing the upper strap to loosen while riding. Luckily Sidi makes replacement straps and Boas, but it will not be cheap to replace.

Amazing shoe for my foot & fit

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: 13

This shoe performs really well. 12000 miles in these this year. Prior shoe was Sidi Ergo 3 which was also great and I keep it as back up and rain shoe. For reference I have a fairly low volume foot. Almost a narrow foot but not quite. Size 13 48 fits like my running shoes in length. The last is supportive and great for medium over pronators. I wear a Mizuno Inspire or Nike Zoom Structure for running.

Dennis L

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have ridden only in Sidis; so, I can't compare them to other brands. I purchased the new pair a month ago and have several hundred miles on them. They were a great fit from the first time on--no break-in time needed. The techno-3 mechanism is quick, consistent, and reliable. The Speedplay cleat pattern made cleat attachment quick and easy. I don't see a reason to consider a different brand of shoe, other than a custom shoe, and the Sidi price, while considerable, is much less than a pair of custom shoes.

Tecno 3 Push Details

Helpful. Thanks.

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