Sidi SRS Dragon Pred-Carbon Soles
SidiSRS Dragon Pred-Carbon Soles

Re-sharpen the claws of your Dragons with the Sidi Dragon SRS Replacement Treads.

Surfing rock gardens sans bike is exhilarating. It's also pretty rough on shoe soles. If you're lucky enough to ride Sidi Dragons, you can replace the tread parts with a few clicks of the mouse and a Phillips screwdriver. Each shoe has four replaceable sections, and the Sidi Dragon SRS Sole Replacement System comes with these eight tread parts (four per shoe) and enough screws to replace everything. You can swap out everything at once, or do it as necessary.

Please note: these are not compatible with the Dragon II Carbon sole.

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So will these work with the spiders? They have the grey and yellow sole, where can I get those?

good evening, please confirm that this repair kit is suitable for sidi dragon 2 srs . my number is 46 shoes USA. forgive my poor english, i am brazilian.

Can I get the 39-40 to fit on my 43 1/2's?...

Can I get the 39-40 to fit on my 43 1/2's? What is the size difference?

Unfortunately the 39-40 would not fit on your 43.5 shoes because the holes would not line up.

Will these work on 2002 sidi action?

Will these work on 2002 sidi action?

Hey Martin,

These are exclusively for the Sidi Dragon prior to the carbon sole.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Used these on my Sidi Spiders

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

I don't spend much time anymore on my MTB but still do a lot of my riding with Sidi Spider, Dragon, and Drako because I mostly do long distance rides and/or touring rides where MTB soles provide great walkability when taking breaks off the bike. The SRS soles used on my Spiders were the newer gray material that seems very grippy, and based on Sidi website, those are perfect for the XC riders, but seems to wear out faster (no surprise, car tires are the same way, right?). So, when the heels on my 2 sets of Spiders started to get too worn, I replaced them with these. Works just as great and I do not need the extra grip anyway, so they are lasting much longer.

Write your question here...My shoes are a...

Write your question here...My shoes are a size 44.5. Which ones would I order?

Thank you,

i would recommend 41-44.