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The Shimano XTR CS-M9000 11-speed Cassette uses computer-designed teeth and gates to ensure that your chain is able to smoothly shift across the entire range. The four carriers are carbon fiber and the range is from 11-40 teeth. To reduce weight, the 19,21,24,27,31, and 35t cogs are machined from titanium. This was done to decrease weight and increase durability. All of the cogs have also been drilled to further reduce weight. But don’t worry, no strength was compromised in the machined designs. As far as usability, the M9000 fits on 8-, 9-, and 10-speed hubs in addition to 11-speed. It is designed to work with a standard dual chainring, but has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate a single one-by configuration as well.

  • Carbon fiber carrier
  • Use with Shimano’s 11-speed SIL-TEC chain
  • Compatible with XTR 11-speed shifters
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XTR...'nuff said

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great cassette, shifts smoothly and consistently....pair with a Shiimano chain and you're G2G.

light weight, shifts smooth

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is a great cassette. Super light for how big of a range is on it. You don't have to order the specific x driver like you do for SRAM. This will fit on any 11 speed standard cassette body.

Thing of Beauty

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Shimano hit it out of the park combining Carbon and Metal. Carbon keeps it light and stiff on the carrier, and the metal lets you ride. The beauty gets quickly hidden when you install it on a freehub, but you know it's there. This cassette installs and a standard freehub body without the need of a new version like SRAM does. The down side is you lose the top and bottom gear compared to SRAMs 10-42 with the XTR 11-40 offering. If you want an easier gear, hop down to the heavier XT cassette. if you need the 10 and the 42, I've had good results running a SRAM 11 cassette on my XT and XTR bikes.

Middling performance from a high end par

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been riding this cassette for about 1000 miles and am ambivalent about its performance. Shimano insists on their .13 gear ramping being perfect for mountain biking and I just don't agree. The range is too tightly spaced and doesn't feel as natural as what SRAM is putting out on their 10:42 offerings. I expected to like my XTR 1x11 setup but find it's just been less reliable and doesn't offer the same consistency I got with my 2x10 XT setup. Shifting isn't as crisp and I get persistent skipping, neither of which I expected in a flagship parts group. Overall I'd suggest either saving money with XT 8000 or spending more to get a SRAM drivetrain.

Interesting. I have both this cassette and the SRAM 11-42 and absolutely hate the larger jumps of the SRAM 11-42. Getting rid of the SRAM and going back to Shimano. The one thing I don't like about the XTR is that I've had consistent creaking from both the 11 and 10 speed versions, due to the flexibility of the carbon+Ti combo on upper cogs. The Ti seems to wear more quickly than steel as well.

Carbon Bits

Carbon is used on the cassette to hold the cogs.

Carbon Bits

Well Geared

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This cassette allows for nice even feeling steps when shifting from cog to cog. If you are running a 1 x10 conversion you'll notice that there are some gaps in the gears (the feeling like you are between gears). If you are concerned about cost or if you need a 42T tooth, wait for the XT 8000 to be released and then upgrade.

Well Geared

When will the XT 8000 cassette be available?

Parts are slowly trickling in so hopefully soon. You can contact and they can tell you when they might be expecting a shipment.

Looks like the XT 8000 cassette is available now in both the 11-40 and 11-42.

Does this cassette need a specific hub? Or can it be used on a normal Shimano hub?

It is compatible with standard 10 speed Shimano freehub, with no special driver body needed. You will need to run a 11 speed chain.

Is the XTR 11-speed cassette compatible with a SRAM shifter/derailleur combo?

We have heard of quite a few people interchanging the cassettes and haven?t yet heard a complaint. Several of the people are industry guys that have been on it over a year. You should be good to use the Shimano cassette on the Sram group.