Rapid-fire shifting.

The Shimano Ultegra 6871 Di2 TT Brake/Shift Lever Set enables rapid-fire shifting and smooth braking capabilities for time trail and triathlon events. And though it may seem counterintuitive to add a second set of shifters to your time trail or triathlon bike, this brake/shift lever set helps you switch gears and slow down quickly without having to move your hands to the bar ends for shifting and braking duties. The result is less fidgeting at high speeds for increased efficiency and peace of mind.

This brake/shift lever set is engineered for bikes with double chainrings. The left brake lever controls the front derailleur, while the right brake lever exerts control over the rear derailleur, ensuring crisp, reliable shifts with your Di2 drivetrain with the press of a button. Moreover, its alloy brake levers are adjustable, allowing you to dial-in the perfect reach. Note that this set comes with both right and left braking levers, all the necessary cables, and housing ferrules.

  • Dual-button Shimano Di2 shifter integrated within brake levers
  • For use with double chainrings
  • Comes with right and left brake levers, braking cables, housing ferrules
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Unanswered Question

6871 DI2 will not shift out of the box. I have the SW-R671 and SM-EW90-B. THe SW-R671 shifts with no issues. Can't figure out why the 6871 TT will not work. Swapped ports but still nothing.

Unanswered Question

I told with Rudy, Evolusport - ebay.

I bought the set, shimano ultegra 10 speed, Di2 TT, shimano box junctionEW 5 port and two Etube wire 300 mm. I could do the connection because I need

SM EW79A-1 junction.

I have ultegra Di2 with shifter barend too!

How can I get the SM EW79A1??/

Could you help to get it?

Thank you!