ShimanoDura-Ace Di2 ST-9071 11-Speed TT Brake/Shift Levers

Total control.

Let's face it, the path to losing time is shorter than the path to gaining it. In fact, this unfortunate process reveals itself in innumerable ways in the saddle. However, in a time trial or triathlon, it most commonly occurs from a lack of access to your shift levers. For example, with mechanical groups, when you're taking the final corner, approaching 300 meters to the line, you're either stuck in gear or stuck in the extensions. Not the case with the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 ST-9071 11-Speed TT Brake/Shift Levers.

These 9071 brake/shift levers act as both the primary braking source and the secondary shifting source. In fact, the shift buttons themselves are actually Shimano's 9070 Satellite shifters. Still scratching your head? Basically, these aren't meant for your extension bars. Instead, they mount to the ends of your bull horns, or outer bars, providing the ability to shift during hard exertions out of the corner, driving to the line, and climbing. If you're not familiar with Satellite shifters, you probably know them better as the 'top secret' sprinter shift buttons that Cavendish was subtly flaunting a couple of seasons back. But, unlike those, these levers opt for a more pronounced surface area, making shifting a thoughtless, fully-intentional affair.

Dwarfing all other advancements to the ST-9000, however, is the shifting itself -- this is where Shimano's 'Rider-Tuned' philosophy really makes itself known. This is the title given to Shimano's campaign of providing you the best rider-experience of your life. Throughout the group, every component has been given little custom touches, but the levers have received several. Addressing the 7970 complaint of dirt, grime, snow, or water getting into the small crevice between the lever and the hood, Shimano has narrowed this area, nearly eliminating the possibility of element corruption. Even more impressively, 9070 now enables you to select five different shifting speeds to the rear derailleur. And while this isn't a function that can't be performed on-the-fly, the option still creates a customizable ride quality that's specific to your riding style and requirements. Additionally, these shifters present the distinct ability for something that we've, literally, always been waiting for from Shimano -- the ability to dump through the entire cassette with one shift movement. That's right, once programmed through the E-Tube software, one sustained motion will take you all of the way up or down the cassette. And for the proverbial icing on the cake, 9070 is now capable of performing shifts up to 28 teeth on the cassette.

Of course, the shifting precision of 9070 is immaculate, providing an equalized feel, regardless of the direction of movement on the cassette. However, 9070 has eased your shifting options through the incorporation of cleaner, more minimal single-wire E-Tube connections. This way, the routing to the shifters couldn't be easier.

For the brake levers, Shimano designed the 9071 levers with a subtly curved, dropping bend. They feature a thin aerodynamic profile, and as you probably guessed, deliver immense power to the caliper with minimal user-pressure.

The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 ST-9071 11-Speed TT Brake/Shift Levers are available in one size and one color. Please note that these are intended for use with bull horns, not extension bars. If you're looking for Dura-Ace 9070 extension shifters, please refer to the SW-9071 shifters.

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Simple and easy

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These are durable and extremely light weight. A necessity for your Di2 setup! I have yet to have these break as that was my first concern when seeing how small and light they were. I would highly recommend.

Unanswered Question

Hi. The weight for the Di2 Dura Ace brake levers is listed at 116. Is that per lever or per pair? Thanks.

These are compatible with the 3T Brezza...

These are compatible with the 3T Brezza II handlebar?

Yes they will. The shifters will fit an inner bar diameter of 19.0 - 22.5mm.