Gliding across the decades.

Over the past 70 years, Selle SMP has gradually developed one of the most—if not the most—signature saddle profiles in the industry. To celebrate those seven decades, SMP is releasing a batch of 70th Anniversary Edition Glider Saddles, which feature some special branding and aesthetic embellishments that set them apart from the brand's already impeccably tailored fare. These include tricolor highlights—which are, admittedly, nothing new for Selle SMP—and a hand-painted plate underneath that's secured with bolts made by an Italian machinist.

Those details don't affect how the saddle rides, of course, but they are indicative of the engineering and careful design that SMP dumps into all of its saddles. The Glider is based on the Stratos model, but it's built for slightly wider hips than its versatile parent saddle. As with all SMP saddles, the Glider features a drop beak-shaped nose which relieves pressure from soft tissue regions. This design also means that when you ride, it's easier to roll forward and keep a flat back. The tail kicks up to encourage that hip rotation, and the length of the saddle is bifurcated by a generous cutout, which adds yet more pressure relief to the most important point of bike/cyclist contact.

  • A saddle for long-mile comfort and racing alike
  • Slightly wider than the versatile Stratos model
  • Features commemorative aesthetic embellishments
  • Dropped nose and central channel alleviate pressure
  • Raised tail coaches hips into efficient pedaling position
  • Light padding focuses on comfort without bounciness
  • Steel rails and composite body ensure longevity—but maybe not for 70 years
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