Selle ItaliaNepal S Saddle

Narrow profile, broad ambitions.

Selle Italia's Nepal S Saddle incorporates all the features that make the Nepal L model a rough-riding, all-mountain companion into a more narrow shell for aggro trail riders with narrower sit bones. The manganese rails are heavier than the model with the titanium option, but, when perched atop a 6in enduro monster, the extra grams are hardly noticeable.

Despite the difference in rail material, the Nepal S is finished with the same panels of grippy material that are general across the line. This added grabbiness enhances the ass-to-saddle relationship, helping to translate body English into bike English while muscling through corners and questionable lines.

  • A mountain saddle with enduro aggression on its mind
  • Slim profile for riders with narrow hips
  • Ischial grip enables better purchase on techy lines
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