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Dry in the rain.

Click into your pedals and spin down the soaking wet bike path with the Seal Line Urban Backpack carrying your laptop and a change of clothes. This waterproof backpack uses river-bag technology to ensure your cargo stays dry through a torrential downpour. PVC-free double-coated fabric provides plenty of durability to handle the daily grind, and SealLine added a comfortable molded back panel to manage heavy or awkwardly sized loads.

  • Completely waterproof main compartment
  • Water-tight roll-down closure provides easy, one-hand access
  • Light-clip loop gives you a place for your LED backlight
  • Frame sheet makes heavy, awkwardly sized loads easy to bear
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Loving It So Far

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been using this bag since December for just about everything, like moving across state lines, domestic flights, weekend trips, grocery hauls, daily bike commuting, hiking, and all of the other random rigmarole. Needless to say, it's a versatile piece of equipment. The waterproofness is astounding, the back padding is phenomenal, and the shoulder harness is comfortable. The overall volume of the bag is sufficient for day-to-day use, too. Sure, you can't do an Ikea run like you could with the old Chrome Kremlin, but who wants an excessively bulky bag anyhow? But if you tend to transport oddly shaped or pokey things like groceries or shoes from the office, SealLine also included a removable back plate on the inside of the bag. It's little things like this that really put this bag in its own category, let alone that the roll top system is truly world-class.

This isn't to say that there aren't things that I wouldn't change, though. Unlike Chrome bags, where the shoulder harness tends to sag too low for my taste, the SealLine sits a little too high. When riding, everything is ok while on the hoods, but in the drops, the back of the head is right up on the bag when rolled, let alone when it's opened. The front, and only mind you, zipper is also ridiculously difficult to open (something to do with the welded seams), and the volume of the front pocket is small enough to make it near useless for anything but door badge cards or a key or two. I also have found that the securing chest and stomach straps are cut pretty long, but altering these won't be too difficult. As they arrive, though, they're long enough that getting them caught in a wheel when unclipped is a very real threat. A laptop sleeve would also be cool, but not having any Velcro in the mix internally is a tradeoff that I'm willing to make. If you've ever transported kits in a roll top with a Velcro entry way at the top, you know what I mean.

Altogether, it's a solid bag, and if you need something waterproof for more than just riding, nothing better really comes to mind.

Great Bag

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I commute 12 miles daily in Seattle so I see some rain. I've had this bag for a couple months now and have nothing bad to say about it. Pretty basic, no frills kind of bag but it gets the job done.

good for hauling base rigs up towers

summit of Hindu Tower, Moab Utah

good for hauling base rigs up towers

Rugged Bear

    This is a nice piece of equipment; it is semi breathable over time and this partly due to the fabric. The waterproofing is substantial enough to last over a year. The clipping system at the top of the pack is what turns me off about the pack. There is no buckle just a hook that slips into a pocket. This could be undone with a good bump in the road leading to your backpack opening up. For this reason I would not recommend this for bike commuters who want a waterproof backpack for commuting. This is what I got it for and it was just aggravating to deal with.

    For the record - I've been commuting 5 days a week in Seattle for the past 4 years with this bag - 12 miles each way (road and trail); and the hook has never once come undone!

    I'm petite/athletic 5'-0" female looking...

    I'm petite/athletic 5'-0" female looking for a lightweight leak/water proof daypack - will SealLine Urban Backpack suit me?

    It depends on what you need it for. If you simply want a backpack for riding your bike around town or small day hikes where you will encounter rain (no more than 20 lbs packed) then this is a great pack. The extremely durable 600D material and welded seams makes this one of the most durable packs out there.

    If you want one for actual backpacking in the backcountry, this might not be the best choice. The reason is it lacks an adequate waist belt which is needed for long distance hikes. More than 5 miles and carrying 25+lbs you will really start feeling it in your shoulders. It does come with a 1" webbing waste belt, but this is to help stabilize it, not to carry the weight.

    The thing I love about this pack is it's easy entry. The roll top closure and clasp make this one of the best packs for quick access. I also love that once you put something in it, whether it's a computer and/or other electronic devices, books, papers, clothes, or whatever, it is going to stay dry. The stiffener at the top makes it really easy to roll and it will soon become one of your favorite packs. I also like the fact that it doesn't look like other packs out there. It really stands out in a good way. The quality and construction are top notch and it has a very high-end feel. It's also entirely made in the USA (Seattle, WA). It is an awesome pack!

    love it

      I used to use a regular backpack to carry my wet swim stuff to and from the pool, but everything would just leak through and drip down my legs and all over my car (bummer in the winter). This backpack is awesome because I just throw all that wet stuff in it and it never leaks. I know it's probably mostly used to keep the things inside dry from rain, but it's also good the other way around. It's really comfortable to wear when I walk to the gym, and it dries out quickly. Small size easily fits a swim pull buoy, towel, shampoo, conditioner, suit, and lotion, with room to spare.

      Great commuter backpack

        I LOVE THIS BAG! I live in Portland, and it is lightweight and waterproof. The size small is not tiny: I made the ten mile ride home with several textbooks, a laptop and a chihuahua in it. I prefer the closure strap on the SealLine bag to the velcro on the Ortlieb, as it is more secure and stretches to allow you to cram more into the bag.

        This bag ripped on me

          I took this bag after just receiving it on a flight as a carry-on bag. It had a pair of binos, an emergency set of clothes, some toiletries, a small book, and a pair of headphones packed inside. When carried or picked up by the padded carry handle the straps began to rip almost immediately. By the time I reached my destination they had fully ripped in one section and started to continue to rip in another. Returned it upon arriving back from my trip. If you get it make sure you or anyone else doesn't carry it by the carry handle. The other features of the bag (water resistance, ease of opening) are ok except that the front pocket is pretty much useless for anything other than a folded up piece of paper.

          did you write to sealline? what did they say. same just happened to me!

          i want to include my MBP 15" and some thick...

          i want to include my MBP 15" and some thick medical books - how will they fit? Is the Sm size waay too small or just right?

          Small will be way too small for that. I'd go for the large!

          After checking out my small Urban Backpack, and putting my 15" MBP inside, I would say that it can hold, at the most, 3 large text books. Anymore than that you would need to go to a large.

          great bag

            i already bought my second urban backpack, i used the first one for 3 years nearly everyday for commuting.

            the first one is still without any damage, the nice green color just got a bit dirty, which is why i bought a new one in grey (style-bitch, me ;)

            manfred from vienna (austria)