Scott Riot Plus Ski Poles

Easy adjustment that you'll actually use.

Adjustable-length poles are awesome in theory, but how often do you actually adjust them to help you on switchbacks? Scott's Riot+ Ski Pole isn't collapsible, like most touring poles, but it has a convenient button on top of the grip that you press to change the length of the pole by 10cm, so you can use a shorter pole on the climb and a longer pole on the descent. This makes it easy to use, although not as easy to pack, and we think that's a good trade-off for backcountry freeriders. Even if you never use the adjustment system, the S4 aluminum is tough enough to take a real beating, the EG+ grip and strap are comfortable and durable, and the Deep Pow basket helps you pole through serious snow without sinking in and getting stuck.

  • S4 aluminum
  • Extension system
  • EG+ grip
  • EG+ strap
  • Deep Pow basket
  • Karbon Diamond tip