Rocket power.

Schwalbe’s Rocket Ron 27.5in Tire lets you choose your flavor of fast. Do you want speedy with a little extra durability for smashing through pointy descents, or do you want light and hyper speedy for milking every second out of long climbs and smooth singletrack? If it’s the former you’re into, you’ll want to mount up the SnakeSkin option, which has a tougher sidewall to resist blowouts and can be easily run tubeless. If you want all-out speed, you’ll be better suited to the LiteSkin, which rolls faster and weighs a claimed 60g less per tire than the SnakeSkin. Both options use Schwalbe’s hard and grippy PaceStar triple-compound rubber, and feature fast-rolling center ramps along with angled edge knobs that let you lay your bike over into corners and navigate tight switchbacks with precision.

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Horrible tires, very disappointed

    This tire lasted me a whole 40 miles before a cut in the sidewall rendered the tire useless.

    I also bought a same size Schwalbe racing Ralph and that one lasted 20 miles before punctured in the tread.

    Hello Can, If you'd like to email me at I'm happy to help try to trouble shoot a solution to get this remedied for you! It's always frustrating having equipment give up on a ride, especially if it means hiking out. But if there is a way for me to find an answer here I'd love to help!

    Snakeskin Sidewall Required

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have thousands of miles on this as a rear tire (Nobby Nic front). I had just over 2,000 miles on one, and 1,800 miles on another -- no patches. I punctured another directly through the center of the tread after 20, but that's not specific to this tire, given other experiences. Given the light weight nature of these tires, I've been extremely happy with that track record.

    Prior to using the Rocket Ron tread pattern, I used the Racing Ralph -- I found that the Rocket Ron offered a more pronounced tread with more predictable traction points, yet not too much knob which would prevent intentionally sliding a corner at speed. As Goldilocks said,

    Great grip, questionable durability

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I run the Rocket Ron as the rear tire on my Santa Cruz 5010 for riding on the mostly-dirt trails around Park City. First and foremost, they have incredible traction. I previously rode Saguaros on a 29" bike, and there was a marked improvement, especially on slightly loose, steep switchbacks.

    The drawback is that I only made it through half the summer before needing a new tire. Some of the knobs had broken off, and I found I was getting a fair number of flats.

    But when it came time to get a new rear tire, I still went back to the Rocket Ron 'cause the grip was so good!