Schwalbe Pro One Tire - Tubeless
SchwalbePro One Tire - Tubeless

An impressive update.

Schwalbe's recently updated tubeless road tire, the Pro One Tubeless Tire, sheds weight and rolling resistance compared to the original One tire. Given these advantages, the Pro One makes a compelling case for racing on tubeless tires, and we can only hope to see more race wheels offered in the future that are compatible with them. To improve upon an already solid tire, Schwalbe started with triple compound rubber, adding Snakebite and Sidewall protection that teams with a liquid, tubeless sealant to retain air pressure over time and help resist punctures.

The firm center strip improves the rolling resistance by a claimed ten percent while softer shoulders grip the tarmac for control while cornering at high speeds. Schwalbe's MicroSkin construction adds durability to the Pro One, helping the tire resist ill-intentioned debris on the roads so you get through your race flat-free, while the tubeless construction allows you to race with the tires at lower air pressure and eliminates friction between the tube and tire that can slow you down.

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

First off, these were difficult to install. I used a tubeless pump, soapy water and removed the valve core. I could not get the bead to seat. My buddy in the bike shop used a compressor and the setup was easy.

My first ride on these was in a Crit race and it rained the whole time. I was tentative in the corners at first, but started to gain confidence as the race went on. I started ripping into corners (even on 23c) and had a nice advantage over the field. Couldn't be happier.

I have been on these tires for about 500 miles now and no flats. They seem to be wearing well and i will get many miles in on these. Highly recommend especially if you have a compressor to make the setup easy.

Good - OK so far

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I'll split this between my experience and my wifes.

I have a little over 300 miles on these tires and after years of riding cotton tires (Veloflex / Vittorias) they've taken a bit to get used to. On descents and aggressively around tight turns they tend to drift a tiny bit more than what I'm comfortable with, but it's something that I'm slowly getting used to after spending some time with them on GMR / GRR / Mt. Baldy.

From a durability and longevity standpoint my wife has been on these for the last year and a half with no sign of punctures or cuts, even when they're long in the tooth. She's arguably as aggressive as I am on the descents and hasn't complained about grip around the turns.

So far so good

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I must admit, my review is based only on my initial impressions. However, not much will change unless I run into durability issues. My Pro Ones are 28s mounted tubeless on DT Swiss R32 rims.
My first experience with Schwalbes was a total dud. That was with Rocket Ron MTB tires. However, since then I've used Racing Ralph MTB tires, X Ones, G Ones and now the Pro One. I've had great luck with all of them and, so far, the Pro One is no different.
Classic Schwalbe these really are "tubeless easy." Just like installing the G Ones, these can be fitted on a rim with just enough tightness to have confidence without being unreasonable to get on. Once they are installed the bead is easy to set and they hold well.
My baseline for road tires is the Conti GP 4000 25m which is an all around excellent tire. I have also run Corsa 25s this year. I've read reviews that suggest the Pro One rolls better than these tires; my initial impression is that the Pro One certainly isn't slower.
As for durability, only time will tell, but after reading that this might be a question mark with the Pro Ones, I was pleased to see that the sidewalls seem solid and far from paper thin. By contrast, the sidewall of a tire like the Corsa feels more like a thick t-shirt than a bike tire (although, I have to admit those handled some rough dirt road riding without a puncture and only failed when the tread was cut.)
I will report back once I've really but these to the test as far as durability. For now, my impression is that they set up easily, look good and roll fast!

Pro Ones

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I'm nearly at 1500miles on a pair of 25's on Rol clinchers taped up to run tubeless. They went on fairly easy, set up quick with a compressor and no sealant over night to stretch out a bit. Installed abit of sealant next day and went for a 2hr ride at 80psi. Very nice ride. I had 2 rear flats out of the last 8 months with these tires. Just remove, clean, patch and go. This is my 4th pair of different road tubeless[Huthinson, Maxxis, Specialized Ive ran] and by far the best ride. I'm not a fan of anything with tubes as I come from a mostly xc racing background and cyclocross. I think the problem most people are having is the tight fit on different wheelsets. Either way I just ordered a set of 28's.

Fast Year Round

    BikeRadar did a test with 10 different tires and this one won flat out in speed. I'd have to agree. It's a fast tire. And still plenty of grip in the corners. I run this tire tubeless and at about 70-80 PSI. Floats over chipseal and gravel and smooth as butter on the tarmac. I use this tire year round. I admit, It's not the most durable tire I've ever ridden on but I'll take the trade off of a fast tubeless tire over a clincher and tubes any day.

    Zero puncture resistance

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Incredibly weak tire. I would never use them again.
    - I bought 3 tires in past two months and all failed with a large puncture that sealant couldn't seal. Precisely, sealant holds up at 40-50 psi, but can't hold it after 80 psi.

    Near impossible to get onto wider rims

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    With a 28mm external width rim, these tires are near impossible to get on. I hope you've been doing forearm intervals for at least 3 weeks before you attempt to roll these over onto your wheels, otherwise, enlist a partner or just buy something else, because it's not worth it to get these on. There is virtually no way you're changing a flat out in the wild anyway.

    After finally getting these mounted, I got a sidewall flat on my first ride. I just called a friend to pick me up as there was no way I was going to attempt to get these off. I ended up cutting the tire off w/o even trying to roll it off.

    Bottom line: poor sidewall construction lead to a flat the first ride and these don't fit onto wider rims without a significant effort.

    Similar issue with tight mounting. :-(

    Prone to flats

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Switched to the Pros and am spending a lot of time cleaning sealant off of my bike. These tires are constantly getting small punctures. They seal up but I would prefer something more durable

    Shawn I have been riding these since they came out. So far only on catastrophic failure that caused me to have to walk home. All other punctures sealed with enough air left that I could consistently limp home; but that hasn't happened more than once or twice. I live in downtown philly so I ride these over bad pavement littered with tire killing debris, yet these tires are holding up. Yes, there are a few holes that "weep" sealant very slowly, but they don't seem to threaten tire pressure at all. I am careful to fill them to an ideal 80-90psi right before each ride. They do lose a fair bit of pressure overnight. I get more sealant on my bike from the G-ones which should be a little more rugged. Compared to a benchmark tire like the 4000SII, these are faster and stick me with flats much less often. Keep adding air and periodically sealant.

    28mm vs 23mm

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I wound up with both the 28mm and the 23mm versions of this (I think the 25 wasn't available when I was ordering).
    The 28 setup tubeless on a modern rim very well. The 23 I have a tube in for now, but I had no fitting problems or any such jazz.
    These are clearly super nice tires from just a stroll around the block.

    But what I wanna talk about is the size of these tyres. These things are rather huge. The 28 barely fits in my frame and measures 31mm on my calipers. Literally, its the same size as some Mavic 30's that I have mounted on slightly narrower rims. How does the 23 look? Well...I kid you not, it measures closer to 25mm. Compared to the old faithful Conti GP4000s 25, the ProOne 23 is slightly less voluminous but still sits just as wide.

    Intrigued first timer

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I have a 2017 Specialized Roubaix Expert with the future shock and Di2 shifting. On this model they are using the DT Swiss 470 Tubeless Ready wheels. My friend is running these tires on a Roubaix Pro with the new Tubeless ready ENVE 3.4 wheel set and swears by them. I made the switch and put the 25 mm Pro One on, and my mechanic needed to apply new rim tape to do so. I rode the Century Ride of Centuries this weekend and put around 230 miles on them in 3 days of riding the worst chip sealed "Roubaix" type roads in eastern Oregon. I ran 80 front and 85 rear, and the ride was smooth and no flats. With decreased rolling resistance I gained about 2 mph. After the descent on the third day, I noticed a big bubble on the front tire. I hit something, it sealed, but the bubble was worrisome. I took the bike into my mechanic because the spokes on my rear wheel were "singing." He looked at the front tire, and is asking for a warranty replacement. My back wheel is a separate issue, as I was in a crash this spring and it was out of true. Overall, I rate them as "pretty cool" given that I did not have a blow out and they made my rides truly pleasant. My friend says these are a race day tire and only rated for 500 miles. I do not know if that is because the sealant needs to be refreshed (I am using the Orange) or the tire itself cannot stand many miles.

    1200 miles into them

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Theyre nice tires. grip well in most all conditions. haven't had a lot of flats. aren't too beat up. They were an absolute nightmare to get over the rim on Enve 7.8s. My LBS had to use a special tool.

    Great Tire and tubeless is a cinch!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've had to downgrade my review down to 3 stars. The first 700-800 miles or so the tires were great. I had a few punctures that sealed with no problems, one during a race which was wonderful, BUT... lately it seems like I can't get them to seal reliably, even with a patch kit installed on a hole that refused to seal with Stans. I think the problem is that Stans seems to work either with teeny tiny holes or under low pressure situations like Mtn Biking. The shape that these tires are in, I think they are ready to be replaced, but I don't want to throw down another $170 every 800 miles for tires that are only marginally better than Conti GP4000's, cost twice as much, and last 1/3 to 1/2 as long.

    If you have a set of tubeless ready road wheels that sit in storage until race day I'd say go ahead and make the switch. Anything else and you're better off spending your money elsewhere. Cut the price in half and we're back up to 4 maybe 5 stars.

    I've never run tubeless on any of my bikes before, so I was a little nervous to jump on the bandwagon. However, the glowing reviews of the One Pro tubeless had me convinced it was worth checking out. When I purchased some Tubeless Reynolds Stratus Pros from CC at a great deal I decided to go "all-in" and drop some dough on the most expensive tires I've ever purchased.
    Installation: Mounting wasn't a big deal, I needed a tire lever, but was able to get everything on without much of a hassle. I was able to use my floor pump to inflate these immediately without any sealant. Having never used sealant before, this was also a bit of an unknown to me; I used Stans along with their applicator syringe available on Amazon for $11 or so and was able to add 30ml of sealant without any messes or mishaps.
    Performance: My standard tires that I use are Conti GP 4000SII's and I'd say these are comparable for traction handling. I've taken the Pro One's on several Crits and Road Races and find them to perform extremely well on the corners and sprints. They are light, especially when run tubeless as designed. I especially appreciate the added traction I get from running them at a lower pressure than I would normally run the Continentals, it's a much more compliant (squishy) ride than I had in the past.
    Pinch Flats: I took these out with some guys on a 100 mile ride that included a 3 mile stretch of the "worst paved road I've ever seen in America". 3 of our 6 tires ended up with a flat, but I was the only one who came away unscathed.
    Conclusion: I love the tires, I love the tubeless concept. I have the security of Stans that will "theoretically" handle the small punctures (like tubulars), but unlike tubulars I can carry around a spare tube "just in case" I have a puncture and Stans doesn't take care of it. The Pro Ones are a legit racing tire.

    I love these tires too. I called Schwalbe directly to get some questions answered they advised me to go with Orange Seal over Stans eventhough their own private label sealant is produced by Stans.

    It sounds like you need to replace the sealant Nathan. Stan's sealant needs replacing very couple of months to remain active.

    Have you tried Orange Seal? I find it plugs bigger holes than Stan's because it has fiber in it. My last set of these I had over 2000 miles.

    I'd also suggest Orange seal. I switched over to it years ago in my tubeless tubulars (Tufo, Clement) and I haven't had a puncture that I know about in the last 6000 miles. I would imagine it would be the same in these set up as road tubeless.

    Unanswered Question

    When are the 25's going to be available ?

    Phenomenal after 400miles

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    When upgrading my wheels to 50mm Wide Rim Carbon, I also put these tires on the wheels. They're like riding on a magic carpet. Very smooth and tubular-like. Am using 90psi up and 95psi on rear. Already had a puncture that sealed up and was unfindable the next day. Really good experience with these tires.

    FYI, per Schwalbe, the 23mm width tires will inflate to 25.6mm width on 19mm internal width rims. I called to find out when the 25mm tires would be available and learned this.