• Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Orange/Black
    Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Front
    Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Back
  • Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Orange/Black
  • Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Front
  • Scarpa - Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot - Back
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Scarpa Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot

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Tech Specs

Shell Material:
[shell] Pebax Rnew, carbon, [cuff] polyamide
Last Width:
101 mm
Lean Angle:
[forward lean] 13 / 21 deg, [range of motion] 25 deg
Walk Mode:
yes, Ride Power Block XT
Cross Fit Ride RS
Thermo-moldable Liner:
Binding Compatibility:
tech, WTR, AT
DIN Certified:
Vibram Mountain Plus, [sold separately] DIN soles
Claimed Weight:
[single, size 27] 4 lbs 6 oz
Recommended Use:
backcountry touring, backcountry freeride
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

Hike fast and ski hard.

Last year's Freedom SL was the biggest, baddest boot that Scarpa had ever made, so what did Scarpa go and do this year? Oh, just came up with an even burlier and beefier offering that can climb like a goat and shred like a freeride boot, so you can charge lines that used to be reserved for jump-turning weight weenies. Called the Freedom RS (Rocket Sauce? We're not sure.), the new boot is nominally an alpine touring boot, but that designation is belied by the 130 flex, carbon-reinforced Pebax Rnew shell, and race-inspired polyamide cuff that put a premium on downhill awesomeness. When you're skiing, the RS feels like a pure alpine boot, thanks in part to the reinforced race-style upper of the Intuition Cross Fit Ride RS liner, but its Ride Power Block XT Ski/Hike switch gives you 25 degree of killer cuff rotation, so you can make short work of skintracks and ridge hikes.

The burliness of the Power Block gives you a rock-solid feel when you're punching big faces at high speed, and the removable spoiler and adjustable forward lean let you customize your setup to achieve maximum uphill efficiency and downhill power. Around your feet and ankles, the Cross Fit Ride liner provides heat-moldable comfort, and the four micro-adjustable buckles let you fine tune the fit for all-day comfort and skiing precision. Scarpa topped the RS off with a big ol' power strap to let you drive your skis as hard as you can handle and also made sure the grippy Vibram Mountain Plus tech soles were removable, so you can pop them off and replace them with traditional alpine soles if you're spending the week terrorizing in-bounds terrain.

  • Pebax Rnew carbon-reinforced shell
  • Intuition Cross Fit Ride RS heat-moldable liner
  • Ride Power Block XT ski/hike technology
  • Adjustable forward lean
  • Removable spoiler
  • Vibram Mountain Plus tech soles (alpine DIN soles sold separately)
  • FR Power Strap

Scarpa Freedom rs

    A lot of backcountry boots claim to be stiff while still having a great touring range of motion. These boots actually deliver. Stiff like a resort race boot but the walk mode has an Amazing range of motion. Maybe a tad heavy for long backcountry tours. My only gripe about these boots is that they are skinny. I have skinny feet and I can't seem to eliminate the pain. Tried a different footbed, tried no footbed, tried heating the liners, tried switching the liners, tried switching for a different brand boot. Love the boot performance hate the fit. Switched to a Scott Superguide and the fit was way better but the scott's downhill performance was not on the same planet. I'm 6' 150lbs for reference. Great boot if it fits you and you are wanting stiffness to drive your big skis.

    Sweet Boots

    • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    I got these boots for my brother for his birthday, here's what he had to say:
    REALLY GREAT BOOTS! One of the only boots on the market with swappable soles so I can use one boot with all my bindings. The buckles are nice and light weight and the flex seems like a true 130. I purchased the size 27 for my size 10 foot and the fit feels perfect. The External walk/ride mechanism has a very simple design that is not likely to have any issues while transitioning. Seems like the 25 degrees of cuff rotation is understated and I don’t feel like my stride will be hindered while skinning in these. The best part of this boots is the customization, from the heat moldable boot liner to the adjustable forward lean (13/17/21 degrees… not 13 OR 21 as stated in the description) I am confident these will be great for all day adventures.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Second season on these. Amazing flex for skinning with the strength to push wide long skis. I tour with a carbon powder paddle and transition to the resort with a long, heavy all mountain plank with Marker Griffin ID's that can handle the alpine sole without switching soles out. It pushes the resort ski very close to my Lang RS 130's. Power strap is amazing on these Scarpas.

    Ground Assualt

      Bought these at the end of last season. Since then a few short tours & a long tour. 5'10", 200+lbs, semi advanced skier. Boot fit true to size. I've always preferred stiff boots so for me these are great. I have had a pair of Vulcans since they came out and they have been fantastic. It's personal preference but after a few years I got tired of the dealing with the cables etc during transitions -enter the Freedom RS. Straightforward 4 buckle equals a simpler transition for me. Burliest Booster velcro strap I've come across yet. Nice touches: basic metal on metal ski/walk lever, top two boot buckles have a extra loose guide slot to keep your buckles out of the way but connected while touring, two pulley cams on the strap which allow for a more secure fit. These ski tour fine. Less range of motion? Didn't notice it. Obviously not the lightest tour boot but I choose these over a pair of TLT7s I got for Xmas that I'm still dialing in. Reason? On the down these ski like a full blown alpine boot. Confidence inspiring. Have skied powder, hard pack, groomers back to parking lot, wind blown, the boot is unfazed. If you like a stiff boot and don't mind the extra weight -highly recommended.

      Great fit and performance

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      size 27.0 is perfect for my 70 yr old, size 10 feet, in spite of flat feet, short toes plus greek toes, bunions at big toes, narrow ankles with large calves, etc. Intuition liner combined with this boot's tech construction, walk mode and interchangeable soles makes it the best fitting boot I've ever owned and, I've had many.
      Have now used these with front side set up-Line 98's w/Marker Jesters and with brand new back country Kingpin 13's mounted on Volkl BMT 109's.
      Precise edge control and drive on both; great feel for snow and skis.
      Used only on hard pack,soft surface so far-- not yet in powder or on steeps. Will report more once we have good snow fall.
      Will report mogul and ice performance once I've added that condition to the experience. Same comment re alpine touring.

      Stiff Ski Boot that can Walk!

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      I went right from a 130 Flex Alpine Boot into these and I didnt really feel a difference at all while skiing. I couldnt believe that I could ski the same speed and aggression with this boot as I could with my normal alpine set up.

      I did feel a bit of bottom out when really hammering the bumps but, for the most part, these boots can drive anything. A great 50/50 in bounds out of bounds boot, I would ski this full time if I didnt ski in the resort 100 days a year.

      The walk mode is amazing for how stiff the boot is. My strides when skinning were still pretty good albeit, less than what I am used to using my Alien.

      Couple little finicky things about the boot like the power strap,changing the forward lean, and the way Scarpa does sizing breaking on the half shell. Shoot me an email or call my direct line if you have any specific questions or want to compare other options!

      Compromise Nothing

        While the Scarpa bootline continues to be the gold standard for AT - the new edition of the Freedom RS will prove to be THE BOOT for those looking to gap the realm of inbounds to backcountry.

        With a wicked 130 flex - this boot will crush anything else you've skied that falls into the Alpine Touring realm. This boot skis just as effectively and with the confidence of any alpine boot you've owned before, but with the benefits to gain on the SKIN TRACK.

        With a great 25 degree cuff rotation - which while is pretty narrow for an AT boot, but given the stiffness and skiability - it's well worth the trade off.

        Cross Fit Ride RS Liner - fits like a glove out of the box and keeps the boot stiff but moble

        Carbon reinforced pebax - ski boot talk for stellar stiffness at a lighter weight.

        On the fence about getting into the backcountry? - this thing will change your mind. No slop or looseness here - just pure power transmission and skintrack crushing.


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