Change the game.

You've seen one lightweight touring boot, you've seen 'em all, right? Right? Err, wrong. That used to be pretty much the case—maybe a little extra carbon here or some added stiffness there—but Scarpa's F1 Alpine Touring Boot, while still recognizably a ski boot, has some tech wizardry that's not so ordinary. The cuff closes via a powerful FBC fast-buckle closure powerstrap, letting you get every ounce of power out of the 95 flex, and a Carbon Core insert and X-Cage EVO cuff structure make the F1 ski more like the burlier Maestrale while keeping the weight in Alien territory. Add in the 62 degrees of cuff rotation for buttery smooth skinning, and you've got one fly pair of backcountry kicks.

A smooth-flexing Pebax tongue and HPA cuff and shell cinch around your foot with the same BOA ratchet-closure system found in the ultralight Alien, giving you a smooth, pinch-free fit without the need for heavy buckles. What's more, you can fine-tune to the F1 to your stance thanks to the 20-22 degree adjustable forward lean. The stock Intuition liner (which has a skinning-ready flex zone over the Achilles) and roomy 102mm last serve up a tasty blend of performance and all-day comfort during dawn-to-dusk missions. To top it all off, there's a Vibram UFO Evo Scarpa sole for serious traction on rocks and hard snow, and an extra removable power strap over the liner.

  • Crazy light and curiously powerful boot for alpine touring
  • 95 flex Evo tongue balances weight, power, and comfort
  • Comfy 101mm last fits medium to wide feet
  • Buttery smooth walk mode provides 62 degrees of motion
  • BOA closure system and fast buckle closure for custom fit
  • Carbon Core EVO ensures maximum power transmission
  • Vibram soles are happy on rocks, ice, and with crampons
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popular for a reason

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

One of the most popular backcountry ski boots out there. This boot fits a wide variety of feet right out of the box surprisingly and has a well thought out ski/mode that allows for quick transitions. The boa system applies a fair amount of stiffness and the wide booster strap does the rest. It will get you down most things but this is far from the burliest boots out there. A boot that goes up better than it goes down. Its a middle of the ground boot, that does a lot of things decency, but doesn't excel at anything particularly well. Still it tours better than most and skis better than most. Its a good boot.


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These Boots are incredible! I am coming from a Telemark set up, which feels like you're carrying cinder blocks on your feet. These Boots are incredibly light and yet still provide good support. If your into alpine climbing, they also have great soles allowing you get traction. Amazing quality and performance

Mixed Review...they get by...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

My review is long....bear with me...The boots create mixed reviews there are features I like, don't like and some in between.
First a bit of info: I have a long, well travelled history as a higher level aggressive skier, both backcountry and in area. I'm more of a has-been now, but still in the upper tier for type2 fun... So, I've burned through lot's of gear, Still skiing strong at-6'4 and 215#, but with pack 230-240 range. Ski more than most, less than few. Typically ski tour on a 190ish ski like the Cham High Mountain107 and the beefier Blizzard Scout. Same skins for both.
I purchased the F1 for longer walk days, not really in-area leading to sidecountry.
My boots have a tighter fit I have 12.5" feet and a 29.5 is the boot. Fits a wider foot type as mine.

The Positive: The walk mode is off the charts easy, full stride. I leave the upper strap ski tight and just pop the Boa and lightly tighten with light tension and swing the walk mode bar into my pant cuff and I'm walking. Cautions-If the Boa is too loose the wire can mess up in the spool and the hooks fall out of their intended hook slots. The walk mode bar in back stiffens the boot to roughly estimate 115 boot flex. I would say between the Orange and white Maestrale for flex... what ever that is. The boots is easy to work on punches the plastic is thin so be careful. Another caution is the carbon stringer rear area does not punch well without some skill. The carbon stringers do stiffen the boot laterally tho.

The Middle ground: The stock liner is a bit flimsy and provides little padding or support. Some reviews say that liners are cold, but I have cold feet and never have been cold in them. The Boa tensioner is hard to really get tight enough so my foot does not feel slack in the boot (even for a performance fitted boot). I tried thicker socks, but that is inconsistent. I think a new liner like the Intuition Pro-Tour would solve the issue. Or a boot board, but the board made the boot to tight. The Walk/ski bar stiffens the boot cuff taking away from a progressive flex. Furthermore the soft plastic over the midfoot flexes because the upper cuff is so stiff all the force goes to the soft forefoot area. Remember I'm a big guy with a pack...
The negative: Confidence that you have full control over the boot when the going gets rough.. Maybe having to do with a light boot that overflexes fore and aft when snow gets manky, heavy/thick..just feels a little squirrelly..more effort to feel confidence when the going gets rough. So walking 4-5 miles is great to a chute, but if it can't handle the chute, well another beefy boot is better.
The F1 is an absolute nightmare to get out of at the end of the day. It takes everything I have and more to get these boots off!! The Walk/ski mode bar gets iced up and the time you save in transitions, I spend cleaning out the bar notch and bar on the boot to avoid surprise insta-tele.

Overall summary: 3-4 star boot. I use a lot of innate skill and muscle memory to compensate for what the boot lacks in performance.
Great walker, great stride saves a lot of energy walking, but you will need that energy to take the boots off at the end of the day. Or to compensate for the boot over flexing when conditions are less than optimal.
For longer tours, more open terrain they are great.
In chutes and tight(ish) trees...good snow is helpful to overcome the light boot syndrome.
They ski the groomed runs surprisingly well with the stiff carbon stringers, but bumps and stuff not as well. They will be great of long volcano walks in the spring as long as conditions don't get to dicey/icy.
I'm still in search of a true sidecountry gunslinger that walks well and is comfy.
Hope that is helpful...

Unanswered Question

Are these compatible with Diamir Vipec 12 bindings?

Stiffest boot for the weight available!?

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have around 20 BC days on this boot this season. I am ski patroller that skis hard but also wanted to try my luck with buying a very lightweight but well reviewed boot for backcountry use, enter the F1. I mainly used these attached to my Voile V8's 186cm length, also touring specific.

I will mention early, that I just sold my F1's and bought some Salomon MTN lab boots to try out and will hopefully be just the slightest bit more aggressive for the firm conditions I may run into the next couple months spring touring in the eastern sierras.

But back to the F1. I have been very happy with the boot this season. We have had lots of fresh snow and soft conditions in the sierras, and I also took it up to a 7 day ski trip in the Selkirks touring with Selkirk Mountain Experience, putting around 5k of vert per day for 7 days in a row, good times! The boot could not be better or more comfortable on the uphill skin track, around the hut, walking to your approach, scrambling on a peak, etc. This is a SUPER comfortable boot with a HUGE range of fore/aft movement that makes it feel like you are wearing slippers. Switching between ski/walk mode is quick and easy as well.

The flex: The 95 flex they give this boot is a bit misleading. I personally feel it has closer to a 100+ flex pattern because the carbon fiber in the boot gives it a very nice, predictable, and progressive flex that eliminates any "sloppiness" one may expect from a 95 boot.

Now to why I made the switch to a stiffer boot. For me, as soon as conditions became more firm/variable at home, I wanted just a bit more to drive my skis. I am 6'2" 190# and like to ski hard when conditions allow. I think this boot would be great for someone a bit lighter or who skis a bit less aggressive. If I could have kept this boot as a "soft snow only" boot I would have :)

For comfort/weight/stiffness I don't think this boot can be beat. I already miss it a little when putting my foot into ANY other ski boot.

Hope this helps all of you on your boot hunt---

Stiffest boot for the weight available!?

A True Gateway Boot

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I'll admit it, I was hesitant to buy a boot with zero buckles. But I was more hesitant to add any unnecessary weight to my set up. So I rolled the dice, and so far I couldn't be happier.
First of all, these hike like a dream. The don't weigh much more than a pair of stout hiking boots and the range of motion is about more than that of my ankles. The transition into (and from) hiking mode is super fast and easy .
The skiing took a bit to get used to, but when paired with a lighter ski there is plenty of boot to drive 'em. The 95 stated flex seems pretty accurate, but where they shine is in the tune of the boot. The flex is progressive and predictable, especially when compared to boots in the same category (looking at you fischer and dynafit).
Some notes on fit: the instep is a bit low, which I tried to modify by grinding the zeppa board, only to find that there isnt much to the board in the first place, although I did get a little volume from it. The last is fairly narrow for a touring boot, but the plastic lower punched very easily and nicely. The Intuition liner is a definite plus, and within a couple tours they had mostly molded themselves. I've been getting a tiny amount of heel lift from the boot feeling a little large in the ankle, but I think a butterfly wrap will solve that no problem.
Overall, I would highly recommend this boot. Time will tell how they hold up, but the quality looks to be that of what you would expect from Scarpa!

F1 in the Wasatch

F1 in the Wasatch

So it looks like in this Wasatch Picture the rider paired these with Vipec EVO 12 bindings.

I did the same thing, and FAIR WARNING !!! I'm not sure it's such a great combination. There is a plastic bumper on the toe piece of the binding for forward release mechanism and on a fairly low DIN setting of 6.5 the toe box of my boot flexed quite a bit testing out the release mechanism (upon first mounting bindings).

I got out in the woods and during a hike up a steep section lost my traction and fell foward, knees to skis pretty much. I was in walk mode so the forward release mechanism resistance was increased and the release bumper literally stoved the toe box of my boot in; Pretty much an acorn sized indent which was crushing my toes. I was unable to pop the dent back out and had to ride out of the woods like this. Tossing them under the car heater on the way home the toe box returned to its original shape. These boots are listed by many sites as compatible with these bindings.

Now I'm debating whether to modify the toe box and add a piece of high impact UHMW plastic, or sell the boots and try a different pair. I really like the release mechanism and overall function of the Vipec EVO 12 binding and would like to keep em.

F1 Alpine - 10 Day Update

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Got these for a close friend of mine and here's what he has to say -

So far, I have been thoroughly impressed with these boots. I’ve put in close to 10 days in them, all touring in the Wasatch, and they have performed very well. The walk mode provides a wide range of motion and is easy to flip in and out of. The Boa and “fast buckle” closures are super quick and easy to use, even while wearing gloves. Furthermore, they ski much better than I had anticipated a boot with a buckle-less system and a flex rating of 95 would. For reference, I’m 6’ 170, and have been using them on 188 cm BD Link 105s.

My only word of caution is that the cable on one of the Boa closures shows a little bit of fraying, which I noticed around day 3 or 4. It isn’t due to a flaw in the cable, but rather something hitting it (probably while skiing or sitting in the back of a truck with skis). Regardless, it hasn’t gotten any worse since I first noticed it, and I suspect it would be pretty easy to replace if it does.


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I bought a pair of these boots for my father and he loved them so much i bought a pair for myself when my other boots met their maker with a snow covered rock. when the boots are locked for the downhill decent they are stiff and work great. then when unlocked for the uphill climb there is plenty of motion to make your skin up as easy as possible with a large range of motion

Super sweet boot

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These babies are awesome! I only have 4 days on them, and so far have been impress with their stiffness when locked down. They skin like a dream, and have plenty of articulation to get you up the skinner in no time flat. My biggest gripe is is they're a little hard to get in and out of, but that's it. So far so good!

I'm skiing them on a pair of 180 Voile Vector's with Plum Guide bindings, and I'm 5'11" @185lbs.

Best full on touring boot I've ever had

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Let's just start out saying that if you have a "scarpa" foot, these stay true to the fit. For those of us who cannons squeeze our dogs into a Dynafit TLT, these are the solution. So far, I've gotten out a handful of times here in the Wasatch and have been more than amazed by the performance of these buckleless boots. They walk like a dream, and ski amazing for how light they are. The key is the badass locking mech on the rear of the boot. When engaged this bad Larry will handle anything you can toss at is. I was even stoked at how well they handled during some fast, chattering run outs. I am stoked on these boots and I bet you will be too.

Do these work with non-tech bindings like the Marker Kingpins?

Hey Joseph,

F1 should be perfectly compatible with the Kingpin, so you should be all set if you have any other questions shoot me an email or give me a call.