Welcome to Steep&Cheap

It’s about time you came over to Steep&Cheap. Your friends have been wondering when you’d wise up and take your shopping for deals to the next level. It’s got so much to offer: browsing by category, product search, and a way, WAY bigger selection than that Whiskey Militia site. Come on in, browse around, and get your fix of deals on gear, clothing, and apparel. Find out how great rebound shopping can be.

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Can I use the same account on Steep&Cheap that I use on Whiskey Militia?

Yep, no problem. The same login and password will work.

What if I have an item I bought on Whiskey that I wanted to return?

You can find it in your order history on Steep&Cheap, and make a return through there.

I have some orders I was holding for combined shipping. What’s up with those?

Everything that’s pending in combined shipping will be sent out when the site closes on March 28.