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Go to any mountain town in the country, and you’ll see goat stickers on the back of our customers’ cars. They’re a proud part of the Backcountry herd. The herd is dedicated, and they’re serious about crushing in the outdoors.

Snow, dirt, sweat, blood, it’s all about the perspective-shifting views that remind us we’re alive. This is what our customers are passionate about, and it’s our mission to connect them to their passions. We put the best outdoor gear available into their hands, and more importantly, we offer the expertise required to earn their trust.

In short, we get it.

The Backcountry brand includes two premium retail sites: and Competitive Cyclist. We also run two flash sites: Steep And Cheap and Whiskey Militia. Together they make up the largest online retailer of premium outdoor gear and apparel in the world. Whether you need standard or premium display advertising, geo-targeting, email, or a contest to help boost your business, we can help connect your company with our audience.

Meet the herd.

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