Saxx Ultra Boxer - 2-Pack - Men's

Hit it out of the park!

Why just buy one of something when you can get two for double the price? That seems to be the ethos behind Saxx's Ultra Boxer 2-Pack for men, bringing the comfort and support your marbles need to stay comfy for hours or (hopefully not) days at a time. Featuring non-chafing Flat Out Seams, the Ultra's won't make your skin raw after an extended run or hike, plus the BallPark Pouch lends a helping hand to keep you feeling supprted all day, weather playing outside, or getting work done.  

  • Form-fitting underwear for casual, active-wear
  • Synthetic fabric wicks sweat, breathes well
  • Elastic material supports dynamic movements
  • BallPark Pouch supports during exertion
  • Flat Out Seams prevent chafing, discomfort
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