SantiniCoral 2.0 Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

A little ray of sunshine on dark winter days.

Don't let dark clouds and dreary winter sunsets get you down, bring your own pop of color to the mix with the Santini Coral 2.0 Long Sleeve Jersey for women. Designed to keep you going when things are grey and chilly, the Coral 2.0 offers more than just its looks to keep you warm. The Coral 2.0 is made from thermofleece that traps heat inside, insulating your core so you can stay warm as you pedal through frosty mornings and icy afternoons.

The Coral Jersey features thermofleece Lite Pro fabric, which maintains constant body temperature while you ride by trapping heat within its fibers. Since a wet jersey is a cold jersey in the winter months, breathability is of utmost importance, and thankfully the Coral's thermofleece wicks away perspiration quickly, so you can keep comfortable when the mercury plummets. The cut is slim and feminine, maintaining a next-to-skin fit that doesn't allow cold air pockets to form.

A full length zipper makes the Coral a perfect piece for fall and winter riding, allowing for quick heat dumps when you're getting a little too toasty on an alpine climb, and zipping up to a high collar when its breezy, so you can keep heat trapped inside. The cuffs are enforced with double-thermofleece to keep heat in, while preventing cold air from infiltrating. Three large pockets across the back will store all of your cycling essentials, but in case you need a little extra room for gummy bears and beef jerky the Coral sets you up with two additional side pockets that are easy to access on the bike.

  • A pop of color for your winter cycling wardrobe
  • Warm Thermofleece Lite Pro insulates you for a warm ride
  • Wicking fibers pull moisture away to keep you dry
  • Colorful patterns brighten any dreary day
  • Double-thermofleece cuffs trap warm air in and keep cold out
  • Extra pocket space for all of your wants and needs
  • Slim feminine cut is flattering and slimming
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