Santini Balthus 2.0 Windbreaker - Men's
SantiniBalthus 2.0 Windbreaker - Men's

Modern fit and form.

Santini created its Balthus 2.0 Windbreaker to loyally see you through spring and summer's unpredictable days, when clouds roll in quickly across the scene in front of you and make you question whether or not to turn back or stay the course. Built with a windproof, water-resistant front panel and a lightweight water-resistant panel on the back, the jacket is easy to store in a jersey pocket until it's called upon. When the need arises, it's cut in a slim, modern silhouette meant to fit closely in the saddle, so it hampers the weather but not aerodynamics. The fabrics that constitute the jacket are elastic,breathable, and—according to Santini—allow the Balthus 2.0 to function at its best in temperatures ranging from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, though personal preference may make the case for a broader range.

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