Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.0 Carbon GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
Santa Cruz Bicycles5010 2.0 Carbon GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2017

Playful trail leanings.

The Santa Cruz 5010 2.0 Carbon GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike brings a playful persona to everyday rides through your local forest network and remains efficient on epic trails traversing mountain ranges and deserts. The 5010's nimble leanings originally drew inspiration from the legendary Blur TR, making it inherently more playful than anything in Santa Cruz's line. This particular version boasts Santa Cruz's Carbon C frame, which offers greater stiffness and strength over aluminum frames and exceptional power transfer when you're accelerating out of corners and muscling up punchy climbs.

This particular build features Santa Cruz's 2018 "S" parts spec, as found on the Carbon C 5010. However, it's rocking the previous colorways found on 2017 models. Despite this colorway difference, it's the practically the exact frame as the 2018 model year 5010, except it has a high direct front derailleur mount. But considering it's loaded with SRAM's GX Eagle 1x12 drivetrain, it's not like you're going to be running a front derailleur anytime soon with Eagle's massive 10 to 50-tooth cassette for greater low-end when you're pedaling uphill.

Now that bikes have grown slacker, longer, and lower, it only makes sense the 5010 has adapted to reflect changes in modern trail geometry. The second generation 5010 has a longer reach and wheelbase in conjunction with a slacker head tube angle of 67 degrees. By making the front end longer, Santa Cruz gives the 5010 a much roomier cockpit without it requiring a longer stem, especially if you're on the upper end of Santa Cruz's sizing range.

These changes in geometry retain the original bike's agile handling on the trail, yet they instill a bit more confidence when you're dropping into steep descents and holding your line through rough terrain, such as rock gardens and root-latticed sections. By chopping the chainstays below 17 inches (16.7 inches to be exact), Santa Cruz equipped the 5010 to navigate around tight switchbacks and lean into corners with flickable precision, hinting to its slalom-inspired Blur lineage.

Looking at the VPP suspension, you'll be pleased to note it carries the 2017 redesign for improved suspension performance, increased durability, and better stand-over clearance. The lower linkage is neatly tucked above the bottom bracket, which protects it from damaging rock strikes and flinging debris on the trail. The upper linkage is not attached to the top tube for increased stiffness and greater stand-over clearance, which is especially useful if you're a shorter rider on a small frame.

Compared to the previous 5010, this model gets the slightest increase in travel, bumping up from 125 to 130 millimeters. However, the bigger story with the second generation 5010 is the improved suspension performance, which provides increased sensitivity to small bumps, such as tiny rocks and roots. The mid-stroke is more supportive as well, with it being more linear for greater consistency without the tendency to settle in the middle of its stroke like previous generations of VPP. However, you'll find it's still quite progressive at the end of its stroke, ramping up aggressively to prevent you from bottoming out harshly.

  • Swift acceleration and agile handling on the trail
  • 130mm of VPP suspension for a responsive pedaling platform
  • Carbon C frame provides exceptional stiffness and strength
  • 67-degree head tube balances stability with steering response
  • Longer reach keeps you comfortable and confident on descents
  • Short chainstays and low bottom bracket for cornering prowess
  • SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 drivetrain provides massive range of gears
  • Fox 34 Performance fork with 130mm of bump-taming travel
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