Sage 4600 Series Fly Reel

Notably larger arbor design for faster line retrieval and consistently smooth drag during an epic battle.

The designers at Sage really outdid themselves with the all-new 4600 Series Fly Reel. Thanks to its larger arbor design, this beauty provides faster line retrieval, more consistent drag, maximum line capacity, and reduced line coiling. So the next time you head out to your secret wading spot, reach for this strong, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum reel instead of the one you used that snapped off your tippet.

  • Strong, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum gives a lifetime of smooth, problem-free performance
  • Large-diameter spool and arbor provide faster line retrieval and consistently smooth drag while you wage battle with your hooked trout
  • Larger size also adds rigidity and strength for overall performance
  • Concave inner line housing supplies greater line and backing capacity
  • Sage's SCS Micro Cassette drag design uses a 3:1 drag ratio that offers the same performance as a traditional centered disc drag system but in a smaller, lighter drag package
  • Drag system has a numbered, repeatable adjustment knob for consistent operation in all conditions
  • Self-lubricating drive gears and sealed carbon fiber drag washers ensure the reel remains unaffected by sand, dunking, or blistering runs over time
  • Grooved frame allows you to secure the line when you're not casting
  • Broad palming rim for added control
  • Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve (Note: Reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve)
  • Includes ballistic cloth and neoprene reel case
  • Available Colors: Stealth and Storm
  • If you're buying a reel or spool and fly line, we'll be happy to rig it up for you, please give us a call at (855)-712-0513 for details
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Hotter than my girlfriend

    This reel is not only very attractive in a 5/6 stealth color. It is insanely powerful and smooth. It is a large arbor which is awesome for picking up line. But it is also a big large arbor meaning the reel is huge. Much bigger than any other reel I own, although not very heavy. It felt a little weird at first but it got used to it and it makes my 6wt feel like it can handle some chrome. It is expensive but you get what you pay for which is a good looking, hard working reel. The minimal start-up inertia keeps fish on and the 3:1 drag ratio brings that fish of choice to the net

    Superb lightweight reel from Sage

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    These are great reels for a number of reasons: - solid, quality construction; extremely lightweight - I've got the 4680 model (the largest) and I hardly notice its attached to the rod; large arbor for fast line pick-up; sealed carbon drag which is consistent and has extremely low start up inertia. I've landed some big angry rainbows and browns with this reel and it's never let me down. Yes there are cheaper options out there, but you get what you pay for.

    Superb lightweight reel from Sage

    changing the retrieve

    the king

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This reel is, by far, my favorite of all time. I'm a huge fan of big arbors, which is exactly what this reel provides. Picking up line fast, effectively fighting bigger fish, it's perfect. The first thing I noticed when I got my hands on this's stupid light. I was absolutely blown away with how light Sage made this reel, while being powerful/durable/beautiful. It's a sexy reel, no question. Great reel for bigger rivers, the Green, Henry's, Madison, Missouri, etc... I honestly don't know how to tell the story of this reel, but think the following summarizes my thoughts...If you're looking for a reel that is light, powerful, and will be forever in your arsenal, this is it.