RVCA Chev Stripe T-Shirt - Men's
RVCAChev Stripe T-Shirt - Men's

Earn your stripes.

RVCA has a long and proud history of making best-in-class t-shirts that define the baseline for surf-inspired clothing, and the men's Chev Stripe T-Shirt is no different. Made from a plush cotton blend, the Chev is perfect for super-hot days when even skating to the beach sounds like a chore, but because it's partly synthetic, the Chev'll hold up and evaporate your sweaty pits away faster than an all-cotton shirt. Made in several colos, but all rocking the same laid-back pattern, the Chev is a must-have for your next sand-infused session.  

  • A stylish t-shirt for kissing the sand, sun, and sea
  • Cotton blend is super-breathable in the hotter months
  • Synthetic content helps the shirt dry out quick
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