Rottefella Xcelerator SSR Skate Bindings

Ergonomically designed to make you faster.

Lighter than your breakfast bagel and faster than a cup of instant coffee, the Rottefella Xcelerator SSR Skate Binding has one thing on its mind: winning. It's super light, at just over seven ounces, and works with the powerful, wide-platform NIS system to form a tool-free easily-adjustable setup that will help you squeeze every second out of your skis. The Xcelerator allows you to swap out toe bumpers to dial in the flex depending on temperature and snow conditions, and has a slight rise under the toe, designed to provide a faster ski and more ergonomic positioning that'll have you munching on gold medals for lunch and dinner. By raising the toes just a few millimeters, the Xcelerator shifts your hips slightly forward and causes your arms to sit closer to your torso, giving you better balance, more power, and a stance that's more centered over the ski for better kick, even if you're a World Cupper.

  • Wide-platform, adjustable NIS-compatible binding
  • QuickLock tool-free mounting and adjustment
  • Swappable toe bumpers to customize flex
  • Slight under-toe rise for better performance
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    Lightweight binding, but very solid feel as well. Pleased so far and no issues at all. The ability to swap out toe bumpers is a nice feature, but real positive is the very light weight of these.