Fuel your shred addiction.

Masterfully combining a surfy highback with a customizable ankle strap for dialing in just the right amount of response, the Rome Vice Binding Limited Edition rips everything from tweaked method grabs to euro carves without skipping a beat. The limited edition model matches the ghoulish graphics found on the Rome Blackjack Snowboard, otherwise retaining the same plush padding, medium-to-stiff flex, and all-terrain dominance as the standard Vice.

As the younger sibling to the award-winning Katana, the Vice offers the same V-Rod Ultralight chassis for dominating everything from parks to powder, but at a more affordable price point with slightly less tech. The Asym Vice Highback allows for side-to-side tweakability, but retains a high level of response when you're cranking out heelside turns at high speeds. Rome's signature PivotMount technology along the ankle strap gives you multiple configurations, so you can place it higher for greater support or keep it lower for a bit more flex and freedom in the park.

If you've ever ridden Rome Bindings, you'll know they're some of the best in the game for smoothing out chop and vibration underfoot. The Vice Binding is no different, muting high-speed chatter and flat landings with its EVA SubBase Pad combined with plush footbeds in both flat and 3.5-degree canted options (both are included with purchase). The canted option gives you a bit more control over the tip and tail of your board, as well as aligning with your natural riding stance to reduce fatigue on your knees.

  • Customizable binding for attacking the entire mountain
  • Limited colorway matches the Rome Blackjack Snowboard
  • Shares the V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate with the Katana
  • Highback balances tweakability with heelside response
  • Flex is customizable with PivotMount strap placement
  • Footbeds come in flat and 3.5-degree canted options
  • Contour Boss 2.0 ankle strap for locked-in response
  • ConformGrip 2.0 toe strap grips without slipping
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