Double down on freestyle fun.

The Rome Men's Blackjack Snowboard is a sure bet for stacking park footage like chips at a casino table and cashing in on the mountain's natural resources, such as natural hits and hidden tree stashes. A brand new offering for the 2018 season, the Blackjack widens Rome's line of rip-anything freestyle decks, effortlessly transitioning from carving up morning groomers to dropping into slushy park laps in the afternoon with its balanced twin shape, the predictable feel of Rome's Contact Camber, and bamboo additives for spring-loaded pop.

Built off Rome's Contact Camber, the Blackjack Snowboard is fully flat throughout the board's effective edge for a stable, locked-in feel at high speeds and predictable edge hold through carves. Since flat boards lose a bit of carving response to their cambered siblings, Rome added a FiveGnar sidecut for a bit more liveliness. Essentially, this blended sidecut provides tighter turn initiation as you load into a carve, then exiting with an energetic feel that's not usually encountered with flat boards. And to ensure plentiful pop, Rome ran a Bamboo HotRod Single Barrel in a vertical orientation to amplify snap without compromising its softer torsional flex that's ideal for freestyle riding.

  • Sure bet for freestyle fun across the entire mountain
  • Flat profile for a stable feel and predictable edge hold
  • Medium flex inspires confidence for learning tricks and cruising
  • Pop Core Matrix emphasizes durability, smooth flex, and light feel
  • Biax fiberglass loosens it up for buttering and pressing with ease
  • Bamboo HotRod Single Barrel amplifies pop without adding stiffness
  • FiveGnar sidecut of two blended radii for energetic carving feel
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Great Board!

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Got this board for my brother and he loves it. Hes always gone for Rome brand boards and this one had great flex and looks good!

Rome Blackjack

Place your bets and get ready to double down on freestyle-infused all-mountain dominance. This flat cambered ATV is equal parts park pressable fun and grippy edge hold. Our Contact Camber balances flexibility and response, while our HotRods give it extra pop. An appetite for groomers, trees and park laps, the Blackjack is playing for keeps and it’s all in.